1. Yay! I snagged a bird! I’m unemployed and this is a HUGE splurge for me … but I hope she’s a harbinger of better times!

    : )

  2. I love it. When we get closer to doing the actual nursery, I have a feeling we’ll be visiting your shop for some new friends for our little one.

  3. Brilliant, so cute. Not that into spiders but love the ruffley bum!!!

  4. Now, if here in Brisbane we had spiders as cute as your creation, there would be no need for Grandma’s Welcome Spray.

  5. love!
    love the last photograph.
    also, love their little sewn on hearts-amazing little creatures.

  6. Love these, the velvet, and ruffle bum and the adorable little face on that first spider, lovely work.

  7. The spider looks so real – apart from the ruffle bun which is such a fun element. It is lovely.

  8. How do you do it? I hate spiders but yours look fab! Love the blue one especially the ruffly bum. So clever! x

  9. I’ve been a fan for a while now…love all your inventions but this guy (gal?) takes the cake. The legs look like they’re making strange, spidery movements.

  10. Just discovered your site after hearing about you on an interview on Craftypod…beautiful, beautiful…I love the horses, the castles…all of it.

  11. Ann, your stuff is amazing! The owl, the crow, the birds… And these spiders, what personality such a little creature can have! 🙂

  12. I am so in love with your creations, I hope to get one of your owls one day, they are so beautiful.

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