shop update and auction for haiti


I’ve added some new sweetheart sets to the shop that are ready to ship, a couple notes on this shop update:
* Many of the new sets will be available to order ( delivery in 6-8 weeks) shortly after the original set is sold.
* I’ll be adding new things – little birds, sweethearts, and maybe something new everyday next week – so please check back.

A sweetheart set is being auctioned here to benefit Haiti.


  1. wow, you are so very talented.
    i gotta admit, some of your little birds creep me out a little bit! haha.
    very lovely work tho.

  2. Ann, your work and generosity continue to amaze me daily. I never can seem to get into your shop fast enough even though I subscribe to your e-mail notifications. I have been dying to own one of your colorful possibly acorn caped and scarf adorned birds, since I found your site last fall. Thanks for the update, I will keep a sharp eye on the store. Good luck with the auction!

  3. Ann,

    I just discovered your blog recently. Oh, what a magical place.:) I really loved seeing the pictures of your lovely and enchanted home. The pieces you make are just amazing and I love studying all the little stitches which give your creations such personality.:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would love to see another set of the sweethearts where the boy bird is wearing a tan hat and a different color than black (like cookie and felix)!!! I am planning my wedding for next Spring and my groom will not be wearing a tux…….

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