1. I think this guy has been hanging out in the tree across the street from me – “krok-krok-krok!” – yep, that’s either him or a close relative…

  2. love your birds!it’s my mariage decoration (mine are not as beautiful as yours!!!)!beautiful things here!

  3. He is utterly beautiful! Your work always cast a spell over me 🙂
    Warmest greetings

  4. Progress indeed! I love his beak, and those fluffy feathers on his forehead! He looks as if he’s been eating some of your botanicals…

  5. Oh my gosh, this little bird is amazing! This photograph of the little bird just tugs my heart! You really do have an incredible eye and creative mind.

  6. Vos crĂ©ations sont magnifiques ! J’adore l’oiseau noir, il faut dire que j’aime particulièrement les corbeaux !!!

    Bravo, vous avez beaucoup de talent

  7. He looks like a bird sleeping rough, very real and life-like. He might fly away any moment 🙂 Petra. xx

  8. Wow, I wish I could get you in my little gallery!
    You have a wonderful mind,
    and a spirit of creativity that I could linger all day in!
    I love stopping by, great work as always.

  9. just recently discovered your work – it’s all wonderful. love the many layers on this bird though!

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