One of the first really old things I bought  for making things was a purple silk bodice that was in wretched condition. The silk itself was mostly unusable-  it disintegrates when you touch it .

purple bodice

a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl


I was originally interested in the buttons, the fantastic buttons,  flinty piercing eyes, they inspired my first owl,  but when I began to take it apart I found a variety of tiny prints and lovely indigo ,  hidden and preserved in the foundation.  They ‘re mostly gone now – used in owl ears and beaks and spiders but yesterday I found one more piece of my favorite print  inside a cuff. I think it’s  enough for a beak for the fellow in the background  and maybe a spider too.


It is snowing like nobody’s business in Park Slope.



  1. What a wonderful treasure Ann.:) Thanks for sharing the picture of your window. Beautiful blend with your art and the snow outside. xo

  2. Oh your window pic is wonderful. You are magic. I love your boats. I could fill my house with them. Winter with snow looks so beautiful. It is summer here in NZ

  3. Oh, this is just beautiful! I once bought a quilt at an auction or an estate sale, and it was just disintegrating. I made some christmas ornaments out of the salvageable parts (is that a word?), and after I started cutting it open, I found ANOTHER QUILT INSIDE (yelling, yes). it was also disintegrating, not as much, but it was all blue and white, it looked like indigo, or even denim. Someone made a quilt on top of another quilt.

    I have no idea what I did with it. Isn’t that sad?

  4. Our snow has gone, here in Germany – replaced today by heavy rain.
    Love all of your pieces but especially the boats.

  5. How wonderful to be inside warm and cosy and looking out at that winter wonderland through your window.
    Love your spiders, particularly the ‘ruffley bums’. Stayed at an acquaintances house last weekend. It was an old farmhouse out in the country side and there were spiders, Huntsmans to be precise. They were about the size of the palm of your hand, not my favourite pet, particularly when they are on the wall above you in the shower!!
    Now if it had of been spiders of the ‘ruffley bum’ variety, I wouldn’ve been more than happy to welcome them.

  6. Your place is truly fantastic! It looks as if you live inside a wonderland, surrounded by your flying ships and lovely animal creatures. Amazing…

  7. Ever the little mouse of treasures, you find inspiration in the smallest threads – and then inspire us to look deeper!
    Loving the ships sailing in a sea of winter tendrils….

  8. I would love to be walking down a Brooklyn street in the quiet snow and look up to see boats and bats in a beautiful old window. That would be such a happy moment.

  9. Your ships are truly beautiful. I love to visit this blog. I’m going to be doing some art workshops with foster children, and would love to do some ship-building. How would you suggest we go about it? love, Beth

  10. Hello just came across your site and have been reading some of your entries and just wondering why you chose a WordPress site dont you find it difficult to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

  11. amazing to find little treasures inside something like that – what a treasure hunt!

  12. This takes me back some twenty-six or twenty-seven years when I lived on Third Avenue and the boyfriend now husband lived on President Street – shutters just like that, and the magical sense of snow in the city…thank you for that lovely flashback. Your apartment and ongoing work photos are so endlessly appealing, a peek into an artistic, curious and fantastic mind.

  13. Just discovered your wonderful blog! I’m so impressed and inspired by your beautiful work!

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