owl work

owl work

I’m working on several new owls including one made from an edwardian skirt (on the left above), a large black owl made from  a victorian jacket and a little grey owl  with green velvet horns and shoe button eyes.

owl work

I’m still  going through my little scraps and making one of a kind birds, I’ve just added the first two bundled up birds of the season to  the the shop and will be adding more regularly.

bundled birds

I had a conversation with Suzie Monday ( thanks very much Suzie) over the summer and you can find the resulting article in the September October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

cloth paper scissors

sewing pattern for a realistic crow

get the pattern


  1. It was so nice to see this article in Cloth Paper Scissors…especially if one has been follwoing your work back to the day of the horses!

  2. I have been followig for a while and was so glad to see the article in Cloth Paper and Scissors. I love what you do and seeing what you use, I woud never find stuff like that here.

  3. Can you tell us what you use to stuff your birds with? They always look so smooth and firm.


  4. I have to tell you I love your owls. Chillingsworth is still my favorite and I have included him in my blog for the second year in a row. Great work!

  5. sigh…. your work is just amazing… such an uninteresting thing to say of me I know, but honestly… I just think you’re magic!!


  6. i’ve always admired your art work. many congrats for your publication in CPS ! i have to get my copy !

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