I picked up  a piece of an old fountain glass on dead horse beach earlier this summer ( I have lots of other treasures to show you soon) , it’s edges are  soft and the surface is  frosted – all seaglassed out. I think the shape is interesting, it’s lovely  in general and  makes an ideal toothpick dispenser – I use a ton of tooth picks for various tiny paint and glue situations.

The little tornado we had last week knocked out my internet and I’m using my neighbor’s wifi ( I asked). The signal comes and goes, everything interweb related is taking me forever but  it is a perfect opportunity to sew bats ( which also takes forever)  while I wait for shipping labels and other stuff  to load, it (almost) completely eliminates the frustration.



  1. Rita Simmons

    Dear Ann,
    My daughters sweetheart birds, Bella and Bailey arrived safely. We are so thrilled to have them to enjoy. Come Feb. they will be displayed on top of their wedding cake! Beautiful birds for my beautiful daughter to cherish and pass down to her children. Your sweethearts have left your nest and skillful hands to be loved and treasured for a lifetime. Thanks for each and every stitch and for putting your talents into such beautiful creations for us to enjoy! Rita and Erin Simmmons

  2. dear ann,
    i am in awe with every visit. the work of your hands so captivates my heart.
    i am inviting & collecting (with mr. linky) blog posts regarding a passion for paper, on sept. 30.
    clearly you and paper are inseparable.
    i would be thrilled and honored to have you post..

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