on my work table : a dark bird

dark bird progress

I’m working on a dark bird made mostly from an Edwardian bodice ( you can see it here). I wish you could feel the texture of the velvet ribbon – it feels like the silky top of a cat’s nose. The dark bird is one of several pieces I’m working on  – dastardly owls among them.  It’s been a long time since I made things for myself, for my own shop, it’s been a year of special projects, wholesale, collaborations and pattern making.

dark bird progress

dark bird progressThe wings are stitiched an stitched, it’s a slow and peaceful kind of sewing.   Her beak is carved from a twig – I use an exacto knife on a nice hard dry twig and then sand, stain and buff them. I think this bird’s feet will be made from paper mache. For a bird of this size (it’s one of the largest I’ve made)  and owls I use 16 gauge wire for the feet and leg armature. If you’re curious there is a full list of my favorite resources and supplies here.

beak carving


  1. Love those owls you make that are dastardly and loving this bird…hoping to get lucky and purchase them in time when available.
    Love them!!

  2. Love your previous owls – can’t wait to see this larger one. Your pictures are very evocative!! I love the ‘feathers’ and your use of fabric.

  3. Oh wow. Great to see that wonderful jacket taking on a whole new life. Yes, love the dark, worn, and especially the velvet! Can’t wait to see this bird when she’s done.

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