on my work table

Owls. And a blue velvet songbird.

I get pretty excited about fall and to celebrate I pulled out my houndstooth wool.  I’m also working on a blue velvet songbird and another owl  made from a  textile from Sri Threads.  It is one of my all time most favorite fabrics – I can barely stand to use it. I think if I had miles of it I would never get tired of it. Here’s a closer look – it’s a thick  heavy weave and the pattern is incredible.

And I made a little more progress on the songbird.

Another fall ritual for me is taking a group of little birds out to prospect park for a photo ( I do it every spring too).  It was a big adventure.


  1. Your owls are always amazing !
    Hi, hi, hi, I think the little birds loooved the outing in the park 😉

  2. I LOVE your little blue songbird…so pretty! Can’t wait to see him up and singing.

  3. I love all your birds. the owl looks wonderful, the choice of the fabric really makes the owl. and the little ones look so good with their acorn caps and scarf.

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