the big fig newton

week 39 in my “this is where i am from” year long project:

I loved halloween. I loved making costumes and my most favorite of all was  my big fig newton costume – I was 10 or 11. I spent weeks working  on it.  The fabric was shimmery and I learned the song and the dance (note the jazz hands).  So much fun to make but not so much fun to wear – it was pretty awkward and  it rained on halloween that year so I was a soggy, cold, uncomfortable newton.


  1. o.m.g. my best friend and i made costumes like this in 8th grade for the talent show and we did a commercial spot and belted out the big fig newton song!!! too funny…i knew there was a reason i liked you so much…ha!

  2. How did you make the costume? That’s what my son wants to be for Halloween! I had seen the commercial on YouTube, and now he is obsessed with the song, etc. He’s in 7th grade….

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