ghost kitties : a new tutorial and notes from the forest

boo! sew up a batch of friendly cat ghosts

They are sweet and silly and  I’ve made you a tutorial and everything. It’s super easy and quick  to do and you probably already have everything you need to make them.  Sew by hand or machine. This is also a perfect pattern for using freezer paper if you have it. Trace the template onto your freezer paper and iron it on (shiny side down). You can stitch around with the freezer paper still attached. And you can use the freezer paper template multiple times.  For the demonstration below I’m using a plain paper pattern.

More on the ghost kitties in a moment….

notes from the forest

mark making with stamps and paint on newsprint in progress

In other news I’ve just come back from the Squam Art Retreat in New Hampshire.  A glorious time  was had by all. Maybe mostly me. I so needed the change of pace and some time to play and experiment and listen to the loons and the wind in the pines. The group energy is wild and motivating. I came home with lots of percolating ideas.  The class (taught by myself and Autumn Song) was a day of creative play that began with mark making. The rest of the day is top secret…

And you never know who you might bump into in that big pine forest….

The dastardly owl and sleepy very nice mice and little  wire bed by Mary B. So sweet!

make a cat ghost doll

download the pattern

You will also need:

  • cotton fabric
  • a basic sewing kit
  • chopstick or similar
  • stuffing – I like wool
  • buttons
  • embroidery thread for the features

1.  Download and cut out the template.  Pin it to a double layer of fabric (right sides together) and trace with a pencil or disappearing marker. Mark the space for the opening indicated on the pattern.

2. Remove the paper pattern and re-pin the fabric (use lots of pins).  Cut out around the seam line with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

3.  Stitch the seam by hand or machine.  Clip tiny wedges into the seam allowance around the curves. Clip close to the seam but be careful not to snip it. Clip off the tips at the ears and tail and remove a little of the seam allowance. Reducing the bulk at the points will make them turn out more easily.

back to the cats in just a moment:

It has been a priority here for years to create high quality and fun free patterns (there are tons) like the ghosty cats on an ad free site. There are not very many of those left and it is becoming increasingly difficult. In an effort to keep the free awesomeness flowing I’ve created an opportunity for you to support and show some love to my free pattern library.

support the ann wood handmade free pattern library with a happy donation

Support free patterns like ghosty cats with a happy donation. 

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back to the cat spectres:

4. Turn it right side out. Use a chopstick to push out the small parts.Gentle pressure and a twisting motion will help push the tips all the way out.

5. Place the pattern over your right side out cat and use a pencil to poke through the paper to make guide dots for the simple features.

6. Stuff -I’m using this wool stuffing.  Add a little at a time and be careful not to block narrow parts.

7. When the cat is sufficiently filled fold in the edges of the opening and stitch shut.

8. I’m using buttons for eyes. You could alternatively make the lines shown on the pattern. I’m using 2 strands of black embroidery thread and back stitch for the mouth and nose. You can find more details for stitching the face in the happy cat sewing tutorial here.

hello little ghost friends!

A couple notes: You might notice the site down for a bit in the next month – fear not – it’s scheduled server maintenance.

I’m working on a guide for some of my favorite tools and materials – if you’ve got questions drop them in the comments and if I’ve got a resource I’ll share it.

I hope you make lots of ghost kitties!


  1. Christi Ann

    My grandsons and several cat-loving friends would love these! I will endeavor to create some fun for the holiday! thank you for your continued inspiration–I smiled as soon as I saw your newsletter, ready to be opened <3

  2. Thank you for once again bringing whimsy and pure adorably cute kitties to us!

  3. Thank you for the upcoming resource list etc. I’ve often wondered where to get some of the items I see you use… guessing Jo Ann type stores. But it would be useful to know exactly what you’re using! And it would be lovely if you had an Amazon store where we could purchase your items and you’d receive a small percentage. Or perhaps you do have one and I don’t know about it. Please share! Thanks for all you do!

  4. Faith Steele

    So cute! Glad I tried this now, I have a pocket size phantom feline friend
    I hope to make more, as well try some of your other patterns in the near future

  5. Thank you for sharing your talent. I made a trio to nest in a fall themed rope bowl. So cute!

  6. Helen Blake

    Thank you so much for this free pattern. I love it as I do all your patterns!

  7. Kerry Thomas

    These are adorable! Thank you. I hope to get sewing, I’m feeling inspired

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