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scraps are magic

And I get pretty excited about patchwork. It’s in my DNA. Partly from my holly hobby childhood and partly from a love of improvisation – the magic of combining castoffs into something new.

Your little cotton scraps are perfect for this patchwork thread pouch. The blocks that make the little bag can be as detailed, layered and slow stitched as you like (add embroidery or personalization for a cute sewy gift). Endless possibilities.

It’s just the right size (4 inches high when open) for a few spools of thread and a mini needle book (included in the pattern). It feels good in my hand, soft and simple and cozy.

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Besides scraps you’ll need cord or twill tape (I love twill tape and *get it by the roll here) for the draw string and a little felt. Something new with this pattern- instead of including the resource list within the pdf I’ve created a resource list online. Stock runs out, sources change and this way I can update the list to currently available materials. I’m going to add an online source for all the patterns eventually.

You can sew the whole bag by hand or use the machine as well. I’m almost always working on one of these bags. The little blocks come with me for slow stitching and then get assembled on the machine at home.

Is patchwork in your DNA? Does your thread cry out for a pouch? I hope you enjoy making  the little bag.


  1. Lori Duckworth

    Oh, totally sweet and cute and fun to sew. A perfect gift.

  2. Kim Leavens

    Thank you for this little pouch. Pouches + patchwork definitely are in my DNA make up!!! I have always made fabric pouches/bags to store and carry sewing/knitting items with me,,, yet I never seem to have enough!! This is a perfect size for so many things, excited to make one,,, or a dozen!!!

  3. Heather Smith

    Oh I do love a sweet little pouch. I’ve been having fun with the recreational patchwork pieces that you inspired a few weeks ago. I’m sure some pouches will come out of it eventually.

  4. I love this little bag and will be making one very soon! I just finished making a litter of the Ghost Kitties for my granddaughters and they loved them (as do I). This bag will suit my need for throwing together pieces for small projects when I am on the move. It would have done beautifully for sewing together the kitties.

  5. I stitched this yesterday. Very versatile. The pouch holds more than meets the eye!

    Thank you, Ann!

  6. Lori Brechlin

    cutest use of scraps ever! thank you Ann, for always being authentic and inspiring!
    and for always sharing too 😉

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