froth, foam and the daily bird


This truly glorious antique underskirt is destroyed in the skirt sense, it’s so fragile I’m surprised I was able to hang it for the photo,  but it  will make a  wonderful  foamy, boiling sea for a paper mache ship.

Bird news: the daily bird is back  for one week.   I’ll post one little bird for sale in the shop Monday through Friday,  the time will vary. I’ll post a link here in the side bar each day when it’s ready and also on twitter.

*little clarification – I’ll post a link here in the sidebar but will not be emailing subscribers for each daily bird *


This is Monday’s bird matilde in a pine tree in Prospect Park.


  1. Hi Ann,

    I love the birds – one for each personnality – or day of the week or mood – they are wonderful.
    Are they seasonal too?
    give us news,

  2. I am keepin the faith that one day…one day, I will be the lucky one who gets a bird! 🙂

  3. I like the title from this post, so poetic! haha
    Can’t wait to see what all the daily birds look like

  4. your blog and work is so amazing i absolutely love it and only got back to about july o9 i’m so looking forward to coming back for a really good read…it would be a terrible crime to speed read through …this is tea and biscuit stuff… seem to live in a magical wonderland..

  5. Ah! Love the title “daily bird” … makes me think of Anne LaMott’s wonderful book about writing, “Bird by Bird”!

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