indigo owl – in progress

Thanks for giving Chillingworth such a warm reception! I’m working on a new indigo  owl now for next week’s shop update. The Japanese scraps are courtesey of Stephen Szczepanek. This owl is of particularly robust figure.


Some other work in progress:


And a couple things for the new “small things”  section of the shop. A set of tiny  office supplies in matchboxes and a pensive little cherub. I got the cherub an the Park slope Flea market  – it washed up on Plum Beach in Brooklyn.



  1. The indigo scraps are beautiful…I love japanese fabrics (and especially indigo).
    Will await the new owl, it is lovely to be able to see them as works in progress.

  2. just found your site and love it! your chillingworth owl is AMAZING and it looks like your new indigo one is going to be spectacular as well. i love the look and feel to all of your creations.

  3. Sandy Black

    I cannot image where the cherub came from. How wonderful someone found him

  4. Found your site recently and I must say you do amazing stuff!
    Just love your owls and your ships, have made a post about your work on my blog!

    Thank you for all inspiration


  5. Ooh, look at these goodies! I especially like the ship on the little matchboxes (I thought they were books at first). I’m going to visit your shop in a moment.

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