boro owl and birds -wip

update 10/15:

beakI’ve abandoned the plan to put new things in the shop this week, instead it will be the beginning of next week. I was photographing things yesterday and this morning and  saw lots of stuff I felt iffy about or didn’t like.  I was particularly disappointed in the indigo owl,  among other things his beak was completely wrong so I’m re -working it now and already like it much, much better.



I’ll post a couple more progress photos here later today.




  1. Colleen Martin

    You take lovely photos of your work. The work itself is fantastic, but we would have a hard time fully appreciating it if the photos were crummy =0) Keep up spreading the beauty around!

  2. I LOVE the Owl and his setting…great shot…your work is stunning.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. would it not be fun if the owl had a little
    sparkling tiny tophat. Like the one you made for your tumb? Or maby one of the mini birds want a tny tophat. Party Bird =)

  4. I hadn’t visited your blog in a little while…..your work is so amazing. I wish I had known you were giving away some of your small vintage fabric pieces…..I love to use small snippets of old fabric in my little fairy furniture. If you ever have any other fabric that you are givig away, let me know. I would even buy them from you!! They are so hard to find.

    I love your blog… is really charming and your creations are so amazing!!


  5. I love your work. The little birds are so charming. I’d want a fleet of them. And the owl is fantastic. Glad your site was recommended to me.

  6. You got a real sense of beauty !
    You are so talented !

    i really enjoy coming here and never said before !
    Sorry !

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