Motiveless malignity.


And something else: Over the summer I took Susan Sato’s “One Patch Scrap Quilt”  class at Fiber Notion here in Park Slope. The class was great, I had zero experience with traditional quilting techniques and I learned a ton, stuff that I use in my other hand sewing too. The class  is being offered again beginning November 4th. You can contact Kat at Fiber Notion for more info.

quilt(indigo one patch cushion cover – in progress)


  1. Colleen Martin

    As sober as judges robes. He could make a tee shirt look stuffy and stern.

  2. Somebody tweeted your Chillingworth today, and having had a quick look round, I have to say I love your work! Will any of these fantastic owls be for sale at any point?

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