I’m working on lots of  things for the shop including  a small collection of sweetheart birds, one of a kind things, detailed and intricate, elaborate and self indulgent – couture girls, la belle epoch. I’ll post progress photos here and if you’d like to be notified when they are ready you can join the shop mailing list.



I was working on this girl last night and she reminded me of a story I read as a kid. I must have been about nine when I first read it and I still have the book, a collection of stories, “The Doll That Was Rich” was read so frequently that the book falls open to the exact page I was thinking of: ” On the table in front of them were two dolls, one dressed and one partially dressed. Beside them was an open parcel, full of bits of bright colored silk; and beside that again was a work basket.” I still love the idea of a basket of fancy scraps and somebody to dress up.

More shop news: Just for fun, I’m adding a new section of found things, very small collections of very small things, flea market treasures, stuff I love- like this mini iron and trivet.


The first collection will be up within the next couple weeks – just six little things .


  1. Oh I can’t wait! As silly as it might sound…. I am planning on a pair of sweethearts to be my inspiration for my entire wedding! From the invites to the favors! Now I just have to pick a pair.

  2. Great news…
    You are going to bring the flea market to us, fleamarket-lovers with no one around…

    Beautiful dress the one you`re making for that lady.

  3. Anne Wood,

    When you are planning to make more sweethearts???

    I want a couple so much!!!!

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