1. I really love the personality that comes through with each of your creations. This shore bird is so sweet and tentative, it reminds me of my daughter at age 5 at the ocean.

  2. You are really good. I love birds and often depict them in my art. I love your interpretation and use of cloth.

  3. She is, indeed, lovely! And all the moreso as she is made from an antique piece. Your work is beautiful and meaningful and intriguing, always! Thank you so very much for sharing it with the world.

  4. I just arrive on your blog. It’s so amazing. You’re doing wonderfull birds and very beautiful pictures. I’m astonished. Bravo !

  5. Fell into your magnificent blog through another blog, and stayed for 30 minutes. I say just woooow! We’re talking about insipiration in high high level. I also wanted to make a Swedish footprint from me!


  6. hallo, i just discovered your blog (and homepage) through another blog (à petit bruit), and i fell in love with your creatures and the way you work and think. just love it how you discribe your working approches and what you love! great, really great.. i hope you don’t mind – i put a link to your blog on my blog-scroll.
    hello from ieva

  7. I cannot resistttttt….very cute sooo nice magic hands and creative mind!! Quickly i will post your work in my blog!

  8. diana welte

    ann, i love your work. found it via Slow Cloth on FB. Your precious willet made my day.

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