an owl and a tree

A merry wobbler tucked into a little wool nest.

Part of tree costume for someone little.


And  an owl costume made of old sweaters for another little fellow.


They were such fun to make.


  1. Nikki Pacheco Theard

    Ann, the creative force is strong with you as Yoda would say! I dare say even grown-ups would look fetching wearing your ever so delightful owl and birdie tree toppers atop their heads. I’ll never look at an old sweater in the same way ever. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. hi Ann,
    I have been reading your blog for a while, i wanted to tell you how much i love your work, your originality, your craftsmanship, your fantasy. i always share it with my girls and with my friends. you should see the expression on my daughter’s face (6) when she sees your new work, a true inspiration.


  3. LOVE love your owls. I blogged about them last week and it’s lovely to see them incarnated into costume!

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