I’m working on lots of new paper mache  and thinking about little  bits of paper I’ve found and  saved.


I’m also working on a small gray owl.  My plan was to make him entirely gray but he won’t have it.



  1. Hello Ann,
    I don’t write a good english…but i admire your works and your blog…you are like a light in the nigth…generous and so beautiful…I speak about you on my blog. Thinks…

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did… for months now I’ve been looking for a simple three column template like yours, but it seems I can’t find one… where did you get yours? could you guide me to it? this is my email:

    thank you

  3. Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and I absolutely LOVE your work. I’m a paper addict but more so to draw on. Seeing it used in such inventive ways is truly inspiring.

  4. hola ann!!! your fantastic work always sourprise me!!you are very very but very talent and creative!!my entire admiration for you!!un beso enorme!!!!

  5. I had to laugh at the comment “I was going to make him all grey but he would not have it.”
    Some people look at you strangely if you say things like that! I know because when I was making some dolls last year for the children who had experienced the victorian fires one doll in particular absolutely refused to wear the dress I wanted her to wear…she ended up in a tutu!
    I mentioned this to some of my work colleagues (I’m an art teacher in a primary school to support my art/craft habits) They looked at me very suspiciously!
    Your work is so lovely and whimsical.

  6. so gorgeous to hear about your owl – I find that sometimes with work I do too – I have something in mind, but if it doesn’t want to play along there will be an error and it will end up being what it ends up being – they have their own life!

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