I started working on an owl on Saturday made from this ruined antique bodice and someone very wicked is emerging.

I fully intended to make another scoundrel but this guy is so scoundrelly he makes the other look like a pussycat – he kind of surprised me. I already know who he is, a really villainous character, and I’ll tell you his name as soon as he is finished. I also got a massive cold this weekend and spent an insane amount of time staring into the internet. I came upon 2  honest, insightful posts about making stuff and selling it,  one is  by future girl and that led me to another by dudecraft, both talk about money, creativity and motivation.


  1. Your owls are always fascinating, but this one, my goodness ! How wonderfully dark ! Just as if you had captured the wickedness of this bodice’s previous owner, perhaps.

  2. I wonder if she was wicked! And I wonder what she would make of him…

  3. I’m in lust! He’s brooding and mysterious, aloof and malevolent. I adore him!!! (And really wish I could have him, too!)

  4. This is just so very, very good. Don’t every doubt your talent.

  5. You mean diabolical is not his name? I love his haughtiness.

  6. Yo creo que la camisa de la que está naciendo, cual ave Fénix, ya debía de ser de alguien malvado: una institutriz que maltrataba a los niños que cuidaba o algo así. (Espero que no sea de algún antepasado tuyo, Ann). Gracias por regalarnos tanta inspiración! Un beso desde España (Barcelona).

  7. You are one clever lay-dee ! So much fun to come home to an annwood post in my box .

  8. He is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a little pocket version of him. I love your work, wonderful stuff. 🙂

  9. So unrepentant and calculating – in my mind he is called Jarvis. I think he may be plotting an escape though…

  10. Oh, my, he does throw off the evil vibe. The kind that makes your skin prickle and your eyebrows raise. The kind that people are both attracted and repelled by. The kind that makes the world an interesting place to live.

    And those eyes! Amazing.

    (p.s. Thank you!)

  11. Very malevolent! I am always amazed with the personalities that develop under my hands as I’m making dolls or other soft sculptures. Lovely work.

  12. I’m with Delores- I think Diabolical is a perfect name for him! Maybe…diabolicowl? *is tacky*

    I can’t helping thinking that the original owner of the bodice might have been a bit wicked though.

  13. The blues, indigos, amd textures are beautiful. I like the contrast of the white stitching against the dark ground, and the raw edges/threads really work well as eyelash feathers! The photo of him rising from the antique bodice “nest” is really great!

  14. Yeah, what a scallywag!! But OMG… you are talented rotten!! I ADORE all your birds.

  15. …increible!!!! YOU ARE SOOO talent and creative…an ARTIST with bigg words!!!!!!
    un beso!!!….from bs as…ale

  16. He has a very sinister, ancient and dark look. He reminds me of Rothbart from Swan Lake.

  17. whoa, you wouldn’t want to cross him in the night!
    thanks for posting the 2 craft links – both had great and inspiring advice.

  18. ahhh, how we lust for the bad owl. so dark, so mysterious. feeling hidden…troubled past…how we long to help him…or is that just me…

  19. He’s amazing! You made him come to life. That’s a gift.

    Thanks for the links to future girl and dudecraft. Both great articles and dudecrafts soul motivation was just what I needed to read.

  20. fabiana santiago

    So mysteriously SCARY!
    It reminds me of that Dickens’ character, Fagin (the Jew), specially when he pays Sikes a visit to discuss their plan: “it was a chill, damp, windy night, when the Jew … emerged from his den.”

  21. You are so freaking talented it hurts. That crow seems to start talking to us intruders anytime soon.

  22. Wow… Diabolical is just fantastic…he has such a presence! He does look to be a bit of a rogue (but a very lovable rogue). Your art always amazes me…

    Aaahhh…I was just a bit late for the draw of your beautiful vintage fabrics, they look wonderful. Congratulations to the lucky people who won some of these treasures.

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