creatures in prospect park

prospect spider

The  weekend was beautiful,  the park is blooming and it’s spectacular.


The spider and owl (orlando) will both be in the shop  later this week  along with lots  of other new things. I’ll continue to post previews here  as I get the new stuff photographed.  I’ve been in extreme busyness for weeks, not in a miserable way, but definitely too much and I’m  looking forward to slowing down  a little and having time to work  on some new things and ideas and I have some interesting garments and flea market things to show you too.


  1. Mónica O.

    It’s my first entry to your blog. I am highly surprised about your lovely pieces. You are a very able woman. Congratulations!

  2. That’s how I like my spiders – non-threatening! And as for Orlando – he can bloom in my house any time.

  3. Dear Ann, Looks as if your lovely creatures were delighted with their outing to the Park with you. Thank you for brightening our day with your inspiring art.

  4. It’s been a while since I came over to your blog, slightly disillusioned with blogs at the moment, but these have certainly cheered me up and maybe I will continue after all.
    I’d forgotten how good your work is.

  5. Love the pictures and glad the weather was good. Its also been lovely and warm in Derbyshire, England and I have spent most of the time out in the garden.

  6. I just found you and am amazed at your creativity!
    I thought “Wow! You can make and sell really cool stuff”
    I’ve been working with fabric for many years and seeing what you do with everything has been quite an encouragement…..
    I love your owls, they look like some members of my family, me included…

  7. Petit exercice de français ?
    C’est toujours un plaisir de passer par ici. Que d’inventivité, que de poésie !!! Un monde imaginaire où il fait bon se perdre. A bientôt
    In english : I love all,… your créations et the world who go with them. See you soon

  8. Correction : I love all, …your créations and the world who goes with them. See you soon. I hope my english is better now…

  9. Your world of fabric and creatures with personality makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your process, your finds, your lovely home, and your creativity. I’m working on some boats from your pattern and enjoying it immensely.

  10. i’ve seen a lot of owls on etsy but few have the personality (or eyebrows) that yours has!! I love it. And the spider is sensational…

  11. Awesome creatures Ann!
    Hope you the chance to slow down a bit
    and enjoy these beautiful Spring days?
    Orlando is a cutie!

  12. Awesome creatures Ann!
    Hope you get the chance to slow down a bit
    and enjoy these beautiful Spring days?
    Orlando is a cutie!

  13. Awesome creatures Ann!
    Hope you get a chance to slow down a bit,
    and enjoy these beautiful Spring days?
    Orlando is such a cutie!

  14. What a handsome fellow Orlando is, out strolling in the park! Just in love with him!

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