1. The ballerina is absolutely the most unselfconsciously elegant little creature I’ve ever seen! I adore her!

  2. all your creations are just WONDERFUL!!!!!! keep up the good work! you are a real artist…

  3. *Enthrall Confound*is dreamy,your owl makes an adorable ship captain,and the ballerina is too cute for words!
    wonderful creations Ann.

  4. My 3 year old and I both agree ‘Oh, that little bird is so beautiful’. Thank you for the prettiness.

  5. i absolutely love your work!!! I don’t know which are my favorite — the ships or the owls… the spiders are cool, too and the little birdies?!! wonderful!

  6. Bénédicte

    Ton travail est magnifique!
    Quelle poésie….

    Bateaux, oiseaux…j’aime ton univers……..


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