1. I love the owl! All of your owls are just to die for! You have some mad skills!

  2. The ballerina is absolutely the most unselfconsciously elegant little creature I’ve ever seen! I adore her!

  3. all your creations are just WONDERFUL!!!!!! keep up the good work! you are a real artist…

  4. *Enthrall Confound*is dreamy,your owl makes an adorable ship captain,and the ballerina is too cute for words!
    wonderful creations Ann.

  5. Love The Ballerina!!! Hope to see more available soon!!

  6. My 3 year old and I both agree ‘Oh, that little bird is so beautiful’. Thank you for the prettiness.

  7. i absolutely love your work!!! I don’t know which are my favorite — the ships or the owls… the spiders are cool, too and the little birdies?!! wonderful!

  8. Bénédicte

    Ton travail est magnifique!
    Quelle poésie….

    Bateaux, oiseaux…j’aime ton univers……..


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