the line up


The owls above and some other new things are available here now.

Between filling orders and new things I ‘ve made a crazy amount of stuff over the last few weeks and at the moment I’m kind of spent (I’m starting to think my boss is an  a**hole….)   so in the interest of not  losing my marbles , I decided to do the this shop update in  2 sections – today there are owls, spiders bats and ballerinas. Next week will be boats, ships, small things and birds,  a couple ships are previewed below and I’ll post other previews here soon.




  1. Ann, I am absolutely enamored with your work! It’s magical, inspiring and speaks to me in a way not much art does! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

  2. i am so excited to have gotten a bat! i have been checking several times a day for weeks! i love your work.

  3. The owls are beautiful. I gave a little gasp. Love their little horns/ears(?). I have one of those jerk bosses (me) too. Actually, there are enough voices in here that we could put on a little play. 😉

  4. Owls and ships–my two favorites of your creations! Beautiful, as usual. Everything you make has such character.

  5. I’ve never been a fan of Tuesdays. They seem to be my Monday. But — these owls have cheered me up greatly. This is my first time to your blog (came here through Art Propelled) and I am looking forward to looking at the rest of your work.

  6. Why is that gang of owls making me think of the Jets song from West Side Story?

  7. a friend just turned me on to your creations. i am so into your artwork. so so so into it. how refreshing to find someone new to follow. and be inspired by.

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