the weaver girl and an owl


This is the weaver girl, she has sails made from the underskirt of a vintage wedding gown  and patched with  Japanese scraps from Sri Threads.


And progress on another owl.


The owl and the ship will both be in the shop soon. ( please join my mailing list of you would like to be notified when new things  are available in the shop)


  1. Never in a thousand years could I afford one, but that does not stop me admiring and loving them, Happy Easter you clever clever girl xxxx

  2. i’ll just look at these pictures for a while now, before going to bed, hoping to either sail away to slumberland or fly there on the back of a button-eyed owl…

  3. Grey Walker

    I am sighing happily, just looking at that boat.

  4. If you made a pussycat, the owl could go to sea with him in your beautiful boat … even if it isn’t pea-green! (Love both.)

  5. Each time I visit I am taken to another world of dreams! I wish I were there now! I pray one day you’ll do me the honor of sailing them into my gallery! I will keep dreaming and I hope you keep creating! Your friend & fan! Caroline

  6. Donna D'Orio

    I am in the boat meandering through space, light, water. Brushing against fire and feeling my own internal flame
    expand into boundlessness.

    Such beautiful work.

  7. What an amazing boat, one of these days when I have time I am going to try to make one of your boats from your free pattern. I absolutely love the idea of making new things from old and vintage. Recently I have started to make jewellery with old keys and dominoes.

  8. I just adore your work. One day I hope to buy one of your magical ships. Just beautiful

  9. You can’t imagine how I swoon when I see your creations. The ship above…long ago as young girl I was a weaver in Vermont. I just feel such beauty when I see your work…it’s like an entire story speaking to me and my imagination just soars….i love your work miss ann wood!

  10. i have been checking all day to see if the new stuff would available yet. your work is amazing!

  11. I love this. Did you post on how The Weaver Girl was made? I loved – and made – some of the papier mache boats you had online, but this boat fascinates me!

  12. Oh, My!!!! Oh, My!!!! You make the whole world of fantasy open up with a creation like that!!! Love the boat and the owl, gosh…..once again, makes me think of my grandma who loved owls and wish she could see these. Thanks, Ann………..debbie

  13. je viens de trouver ton blog dans les liens de curieu petit lieu à côté de mon blog d artiste textile alors je viens te rendre une petite visite et je suis contente de te connaitre nous sommes loin l une de l autre mais mes insectes brodés peuvent discuter avec tes insectes et ton monde enchanté

  14. wow these are… amazing. I love your aesthetic, and even more your beautiful craftsmanship. So wonderfully unique. Both pieces look full of stories.

  15. Has the Weaver girl been sold yet or will she be in the next update?

    Wonderful work!

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