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coming soon

I’m working on lots of things, including several new cake toppers and they will be available beginning next week. There will also be some little birds, a camp wapameo postcard set and at least one woebegone.

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* If you’ve been trying to order for spring and summer 2009 thanks for your patience and there is news coming soon.*

birds and boro

Stephen Szczepanek of Sri Threads came for a visit a little while ago and brought me a fabulous present.


Beautiful bits of Japanese indigo and bright floral dust rags. I love them. You can find more about Stephen and these amazing things at his website. I think I’m going to make a bat out one of the dust cloths.

These little birds are on their way to London today for a garden wedding.


I like this photo – I think they look very earnest or maybe sincere. Note on wedding birds/ cake toppers: I’m still making them but not taking orders right now so I can focus on current orders, tackling my massive backlog of email and doing a little restructuring to make everything more manageable for all concerned. If I were to continue without making some adjustments and changes I would certainly lose the rest of my marbles. If you would like updates please join the mailing list or check back here.

This lace and fabric is for some brides and grooms I’m beginning today.


My favorite parts of the bird making process are picking out the fabric and taking the photo when they’re finished. I like the middle parts too – just not as much.

shop update

There will be new little birds available Friday, April 11th, at 3PM (EST) at my etsy shop ( you need to have and account at etsy to purchase – it’s quick and easy – just a user name and password).


I have also added a couple new cake toppers to my shop.


Above are eve and thurston and below are darla and monty ( the bird at the top is little frannie).



I just got a great box of old fabric, it’s very old- 1900-1910 but most of it is unused. The pieces are cut in pattern shapes so I’m guessing it originally came from a tailor’s or dressmaker’s estate. My estate has a lot of birds in it. Anyway, it found it’s way to me and I love the little prints, especially the black and whites. The one on the lower right makes me think of Lena Corwin’s blog ( as always,you can click the image for a better view).


And something else: little bird couples all dressed up and waiting to have their official portrait taken.