I just got a great box of old fabric, it’s very old- 1900-1910 but most of it is unused. The pieces are cut in pattern shapes so I’m guessing it originally came from a tailor’s or dressmaker’s estate. My estate has a lot of birds in it. Anyway, it found it’s way to me and I love the little prints, especially the black and whites. The one on the lower right makes me think of Lena Corwin’s blog ( as always,you can click the image for a better view).


And something else: little bird couples all dressed up and waiting to have their official portrait taken.



  1. What a beautiful treasure!! I love old textiles and reusing them for modern purposes. I have a whole bin of old dresses and linens that aren’t in the best condition, but are perfect for using bits and pieces of. 🙂

  2. Gosh!! I love your fabric collection!! They are gorgeous and can’t wait to see the fabric to be a bird!!

  3. I absolutely love your blog. I would have died for these little snippets of fabric.

    Thanks for sharing.

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