bird work

On a rainy day. Lot’s of it. Bird supervised.


I’ll have birds for sale in the very near future in my shop and etsy as well. This next update will be a little different and I’ll tell you about that soon.


  1. I just love your birds, and your boats (ships?) are beautiful, too. I would like to buy birds from you and can hardly wait till you have them on ebay. Thank you, you are soooooo talented. Nancylea

  2. Lordy…I hope I can manage to snag a bird before they are sold!!! I’ve been trying forever!! My office is so in need of a bird to watch over things!

  3. They look very sweet just layin’ around!
    Cross my fingers I snag one when they go on sale 🙂

  4. well..I just have to one of those red and white checked birds, I have to! I’m really in to red and white checks and little birds! Please…let me buy one! ; – ) Tina w/ Cherry Hill Cottage…

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