lovely things

I bought a couple big boxes of old lace and trim and stuff and I’m having fun sorting through it and washing it and ironing it and thinking of things to make.

The photo above is just some highlights ( you can click the pic for details), there are tons and tons of good things.

I know someone who makes wonderful wool bears ( and other things) who’s name begins with E.


I think the little E. monograms (love the dot) would make a perfect signature for them.


  1. oooooh, what a trove! i am such a sucker for this kind of stuff too! i have tons and can’t help accumulating more. i’ve been ebaying those lovely crocheted camisole/nightgown yokes lately for my spring collection…

  2. Love your treasures!! And can’t wait to see they turn out into beautiful things!!

  3. Could you make me a bird with an E on the chest?? My mother’s name is Eula and she has always loved to bird watch!

  4. lovely!!! I’m a lace & trim nut too, looking forward to the creations that evolve from your treasures. I was recently inspired by my stack of lace and created what I call “Lace Cakes” now on my blog.

    God bless,

  5. oh I am so jealous!!! I never find those anymore and need them for my wedding yarns-LUCKY YOU!! Fab score!

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