coming soon

I’m working on lots of things, including several new cake toppers and they will be available beginning next week. There will also be some little birds, a camp wapameo postcard set and at least one woebegone.

If you would like notice of shop updates please join my mailing list or check back here.

* If you’ve been trying to order for spring and summer 2009 thanks for your patience and there is news coming soon.*


  1. Jenn kerkez

    hi ann
    I live in Hawaii and will be getting married next June. I really hope I can get a cake topper for our cake. Please let me know

  2. Postcard set? oh, great news to me!! and can’t wait to see others of your creation!!

  3. I am such a woebegone too! I’d love to have one of those!! I just love all the creations that you make. Thank you for sharing it all!

  4. Imagine my delight as I was perusing the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine last evening whilst watching the American women gymnasts win olympic medals…absentmindedly leafing through the pages….when right there on page 246 there were suddenly two noble looking little birds standing atop a buttercream tower.

    My heart swells everytime I catch a glimpse of your whimsy. And, you seem to be everywhere these days, Ann Wood.

  5. I love your birds that Amy Eldon of Printfresh used as her cake topper! The one’s mentioned above from the yes, Martha Stewart weddings mag. I went to RISD too, and would love to get a birdie to cover with my own prints for me wedding! ooy
    When will they go on sale! So whimsical…
    I am in Brooklyn alot. where can I come across these little jems?

  6. I love the cake toppers. I too was browsing through MS Weddings and fell in love with the bird cake toppers. My fiance and I are birders and have both studied birds for a few years. Having one of you cake toppers will be the foundation for the rest of our reception. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with the world!
    We are all awaiting with baited breath to know when we too may have the chance for a bird cake topper!

  7. How did I live my whole life without ever knowing about you, Ann? Your birdies speak so loudly to me – I can’t wait til they’re for sale!

  8. Heather Thornhill

    I just found your little birdies…how precious, when can I purchase some?

    Heather Thornhill….St.Charles, MO

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