1. Lovely fabrics and colors. Cannot wait to see what turns out. Your work is so imaginative!

  2. He looks all quiet and secretive, I don’t think he likes that needle in his side, but he knows it won’t stay….

  3. eooowwwwwwww…. when I first saw the blue it reminded me of a bird species that decorates his nest with all blue things to attack the attention of a lady friend. Could It Be????
    I can’t wait to see the final outcome. With the hues of blue that you have picked its got to be gorgeous

  4. Cooee from “Downunder” Ann, I am waiting with bated breath, to see the finished bird. Love the eye, it was looking right at me! Just love your work and the fabrics you use and repurpose, who would’ve thought!!
    Best wishes for 2010

  5. Your work is amazing and original. I love the blues you have chosen and am looking forward to seeing what evolves. This is an interesting photo that intrigues the mind. Well done.

  6. yes, this one looks quite different before it’s even finished. looking forward to seeing when it’s fully done 🙂

  7. Gorgeous photo – you are so clever at combining all those wonderful threads and fabrics. Will be back to see the finished article.

  8. Love the blues. At first I didn’t see the little guy laying there! Always inspiring to see works in progress.

  9. I agree with Chrisy – it looks great just there in the box with its blue scrap nest – like some version of a magpie. I would hang it on the wall.

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