1910 party dress

This cupcake of a girl’s party dress is from 1910 –  it’s falling apart  but the  lining of almost transparent and tissue thin silk chiffon  is in excellent condition, most of the lace is usable too.  I tried it on. That was something.


And disturbing looking progress on something new made from this antique bodice:



  1. I don’t know which I admire the most…your talent for finding the most wonderful falling apart but gorgeous dresses art in their own right or your captivating embroidery/sculpture, you are almost as addictive as dark chocolate ha ha
    Lynn xx

  2. i agree. your work is addictive. I ran across your blog this past weekend and i gobbled up every last post. love to see the new work!

  3. Jo Roberts

    I think the cupcake dress is fabulous too! I really love the pink roses.. what are they made from? You do find the most amazing things! Love Jo !! 🙂

  4. I envy your antique finds, but believe they couldn’t land up in better hands. You truly are an amazing artist. And what a fabulous way to give new life to something historic. The crow is spectacular! – can’t wait to see the finished result.

  5. The dress is an artform in its own right, the soft pastel blue is intoxicatinly beautiful!
    The crow! My goodness you are so talented, please come and do a workshop here in Australia!

  6. there’s a shop near here that sells Victorian baby clothes. if you’re interested, I can keep an eye out for cheap ones.

  7. I think the crow is amazing. I have no idea how you construct these wonderful creatures but they always appear to have a life of their own. I envy you the skill it takes.

  8. LOVE!!!! These are both fantastic. Just discovered your blog today and have been having great fun exploring all your creations, etc. Just awesome work, Ann. : ) Oh and I sent an email to you that I featured you on my blog.

  9. wow. I just love your birds. They are amazing. the detail around the eyes is beautiful.

  10. I really like what you’ve done with your drapes. Boy, does that sound like a line from the 1950’s, huh? But it’s TRUE! And the bird is really cool. The eye in particular gives life, a soul, to your creation.

  11. Wonderfull ! Here is the answer to my question, thank you that I’ve take a look how it makes 🙂

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