what’s on my work table and humidity

tiny rag doll and wardrobe in progress

The ridiculous humidity and a summer cold have left me with a stunning lack of ambition. I aggressively indulged the lack of ambition and it transformed into restlessness. I needed to put on some clothes and do something. Anything.

tiny rag doll with smocking detail on her dress

This is where sewing saves me. As soon as my hands start moving my head starts to work again, I can feel the wheels turning. I spent some time making tiny doll things, little dresses and pinafores and bloomers with sweet little details. Peaceful, happy work.

embroidered detail on a tiny doll dress

blanket stitch edging on a tiny pinafore apron

Spending time on the tiny things with tiny details made me happy. And so did these floss winders. Am I the last person to know about these? Historically, I’ve stored my embroidery floss in the traditional way, in a maddening tangled mess. These solve the problem beautifully, I love the way it looks.

french general embroidery floss winder

rag doll and mushroom on my sewing table

tiny rag doll sewing pattern

If you’d like to make a tiny doll find the sewing pattern here.

And checkout all the free patterns in The Miss Thistle Society

I hope you make tiny dolls and if you do you can email photos to me at info at ann wood handmade dot com or use #missthistlesociety and #annwoodpattern on instagram.  And send your songbirds and mushrooms and other things too, I’d love to see!


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  1. Elizabeth

    I love floss shapes for holding floss, more info- see you are not the last.

  2. Dear Ann, Over time I’ve bought most of your patterns (pattern hoarder, ha ha) but the only one I’ve ever used is the Tiny Doll. I’ve made several little dolls and I will surely make more in future. I loved seeing your photos of the doll clothing in this post. I’m a bit without imagination when it comes to those, and I think I try to work too neatly. I love your informal stitches style!!!
    I hope you are over your summer malady now.
    Happy stitching.

  3. Tiny details charm the heart, and your dolls are the perfect example of this. Making makes me happy too!



  4. Haha, I too have been a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to storing embroidery floss. Love the floss winders!

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