what’s on my work table : whiskers for nice mice

little brown felt mouse in the palm of my hand

whiskers for mice

It occurred to me lately that mice have whiskers. But the very nice mice sewing pattern has no whiskers… I have made a ton of mice but I never thought to add them until this guy.

It’s super easy to do.

Make a small knot about an inch away from the end of your cotton thread. Insert the needle and bring it out the other side. Let the knot catch. Make a knot against the fabric on the other side and clip the thread. Repeat for more whiskers.

small felt mice in progress on my worktable

I have a few little wire beds and I’m making a mouse for each.

The main project here at the moment is still the captain pattern. I am in the woodshed with them, making tons. I think you’re going to love the boot method and easy lined jacket especially.

ragdolls with bicornes and military jackets and boots

And forest friends. This is a percolating idea. Since I started hanging things on the wall I get more and more ideas for other things that could join them.

What ideas are you percolating? Have you made mice?  Do they need whiskers?


  1. Lynn McQuown

    The cats might need some whiskers as well.

  2. Linda Byrd

    I’m making your little boat, the latest one with “1969 Woodstock” logos and lyrics, simply because I had some Woodstock flag fabric in my stash. Quirky but very cute! I think a little mouse needs to be captain of the boat. Thank you for your free patterns!

  3. Barbara

    I have generally always given my mice whiskers. I had to go back to photos to double check and sure enough most of them do. They also have a wooden house, and a campsite too. I think I have very spoiled little mice.

  4. Lauri R Hyde

    I love your new Captain Charmly! When I saw that suave refined face I knew he was destined to elope with your elegant doll! What a lovely pair they will be!

  5. I have had pet mice and cats, they are both most particular, of their whiskers.

  6. I adore your patterns and have made a couple of boats that have to be called Cindy. We have four ‘kids’ born in 72,73,75 and 77. The last three were girls and every time Norm came home and there were only two of the girls together…any two…he would tease them by asking where Cinderella was! Of course they reacted…and still do! At birthday and Christmas his gifts from them are always labelled ‘From the real Cindy’!

  7. getone49

    I use SISAL for all of my Mice Whiskers, it adds a little more texture than thread-OR, a different look to a mouse!

  8. I’ve made TONS of tiny mice. I tried once to add whiskers, but I used the same perle cotton I used for Mr. Socks whiskers and it was too thick, so I picked them out. I love the look, though, and will try finer thread.

  9. Marjorie Footitt

    I’ve made your owl, called him Captain Beaky and a white mouse, not named yet. I use fine fishing line or clear sewing thread for whiskers, they don’t droop.

  10. I’ve added a “moustache” to one very fine mouse friend, but now I’ll have to add more whiskers for the lot of them! Thank you

  11. Connie Turner

    the captain is coming along splendidly, he is so handsome and I think his costuming is really great. I might need one of those to go with my elegant doll lady.

    • Thanks so much – his costuming is my favorite part – such fun choosing fabrics for it.

  12. Right now I’m woodshedding (I love that concept!) some pins/charms that are based on the idea of milagros. And of course mice need whiskers-otherwise they will run into walls and lost their balance! Ha!

    • Right? I don’t know what I was thinking – re: whiskers.

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