very nice mice : pattern and instructions (and it’s free!)

I’ve made you something! A free sewing pattern for some very nice mice. You can download the pattern here and all the instructions are below. So little – just 3 inches tall.  They are quick and very easy. And they love to go boating – they are the perfect size to captain my little felt boats.

very nice mice : sewing pattern


little green mouse

nice mice supplies

pattern notes:

I designed this pattern specifically for hand sewing and felt.  The seam allowance of 1/8 inch is included.  I recommend  small, tight, straight stitches with cotton thread.

material list:

pdf pattern

felt ( wool or wool blend)

matching sewing thread ( I think cotton works best)

embroidery thread

stuffing ( I like wool)

pencil or disappearing fabric marker and – optionally – pink colored pencil

sewing and embroidery needles ( a sturdy sewing needle is helpful for sewing through multiple layers of felt)


chopstick for turning and stuffing


1. Cut one back and two side pieces from felt.

2. Mark both side pattern pieces with the guide dots on the pattern.


3. Cut out the small pieces – I used a lighter scrap of felt for the tummy oval (textured wool or cotton is nice too).

4.  Stitch the side pieces together from the tip of the nose to the bottom guide mark –  your stitches should be an 1/8th of an inch from the edge of the felt.


5. Optional – use a colored pencil to add a little pink to the ears.

6. Open the side pieces you sewed together.


7. Place the top of the back piece (the narrow end) in the center, matching the top edges. Insert the needle 1/8th of an inch from the top coming out  on one side of the center seam (the side you intend to sew first). Make one tiny stitch and knot tightly.

8.  Turn the back piece to one side and begin to match the edges and sew the seam-following the curve and  maintaining an even 1/8 inch seam allowance.


9.  Stop sewing and knot your thread just before the pattern guide dot on the side piece – leave there needle and thread attached.

10. Fold the bottom of an ear together – with the pink inside.


11. Place the folded ear into the seam – the bottom edge of the ear matching the edge of the side  with the fold in the back.

12.  Continue to sew the seam – going through all four layers – the side, the back and the folded ear.


13.  Continue to sew the seam – following the curve and carefully match the edges as you sew.  Knot at the bottom  of the back – it should meet the bottom of the center seam.

14. Begin to sew in the other side of the back piece to the other side piece. After inserting the ear sew about 1/2 inch further and stop and knot.


15.  Sew the seam up from the bottom – leaving a gap of about two inches for turning and stuffing.

16. Turn your mouse right side out and stuff him – be sure to push his nose all the way out and fill in his round parts. Fold in the edges of the opening and whip stitch closed with matching thread.


17.  Place the arms on the chest a shown.

18. Place the tummy oval over the arms and whip stitch in place. I’m using a gray thread to match the body color. When you reach the arm fold it over and stitch through.


19. Embroider very simple features ( I’m using black DMC 8 pearl cotton).  A V following the seams of the nose and three little stitches below for the mouth. Add a cluster of two or three tiny stitches for each eye – they don’t need to be perfect circles – a little irregularity will add personality.  You can find a video tutorial demonstrating a nifty way to hide your knots  here.

20. Cut a thin and tapered strip of felt for the tail – twist it between your fingers  to soften the edges and curl it.


21. Stitch the tail to the bottom.

22. Place the little feet on either side of the tail as shown and tack on with a couple stitches.


I hope you make some very nice mice! If you do I’d love to see – email photos to ann at ann wood handmade dot com.

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  1. Thank you Ann, this is such a sweet pattern! This is so generous of you!
    I will look forward to making some for my Mom and daughters… perhaps set them around their houses secretly ( in a cupboard, or peeking out of a slightly open drawer) to find during the Holidays.

  2. Karen Ritchie

    Thank you for such an adorable little mouse he will please all ages.i can see myself making a few of these. Merry

  3. These are so cute, Ann. I’ve just purchased your little felt boat pattern so they will have safe voyages on calm seas! Merry Christmas!

  4. Jeannemarie

    Thank you so much Ann, I love the little mice! Can’t wait to make one:)

  5. Cherie Wilson

    What a treat to find your sweet pattern gift in my Inbox! Thank you Ann! Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. Thank you Ann…so excited to make some mice…love that it’s a hand sewn project…something to sit and create with just some simple bits…very fun… Xo

  7. What a beautiful gift, thank you Ann. I don’t yet sew but I love your creatures and they way that you write, one day I will jump in and make something! Thank you for your inspiration in the mean time 🙂

  8. Thank you so much! Looking forward to making a herd of mice…or is it a flock…lots of mice!

  9. Dusserre Bresson Brigitte

    In this world full of violence, hate, doubts, you offer a moment of innocence, peace aud poetry ; always a pleasure. Thanks!

  10. Sharon Wightman

    Oh, Ann…Thank you so much for this beautiful little creature. How generous of you to share such a nice Christmas present. May you have a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2016.

  11. These are so adorable! I just love them! I have a bunch of felted brown sweaters that I was thinking about using for these. Do you think that felted sweater fabric would be too thick for such small softies? Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Lisa

  12. Thank you sew very much for this adorable little mouse pattern and tutorial. I have collected mice since I was a very little girl and that was at least 6 plus decades ago! Mary Anne of Magpies Mumblings sent me to visit. Creative Mouse Bliss…

  13. Thank you, Ann 🙂 I always look forward to your emails, it’s like a little present each week. You continue to inspire me! I can’t wait to make a few of these little cuties

  14. Ann…I just made my first mouse and it’s so adorable. The instructions are so clear and well written. Thank you for offering these free tutorials and even links to all the tricks and tips. Your website and work inspires me!

  15. Thank you, Ann for this delightful pattern. I’m just getting ready to start my first that will, hopefully, be followed by many more …. I have great ideas for these creatures. You’re a sweetie to share this with us.

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  17. Thank you so much for this little cutie – I know I want to make a few for little Christmas gifties next year! Every year I do a series of ornaments for my friends and, after 36 years of doing so, it’s harder and harder to come up with something that is different. This fits the bill perfectly!

  18. carol shannon

    Thank you Ann for the adorable mouse pattern. A Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  19. Hi Ann,
    I just embarked on making a mouse … out of flannel (!), so my question is: if the fabric has a pattern (or a right side and wrong side) do you need to reverse the pattern when you cut the two side pieces and sew them wrong sides together?

  20. The flannel is a no-go – it frays too much.
    Now I have another question – I think my mice are ending up built upside down…they *should* sit nicely, right??

  21. Ooops, my felt yarmulke project just got diverted… Bring on the mice! Much Thanks, Ann for this adorable pattern! Smiling.

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  23. Thank you for sharing your art and skills. A Christmas mouse and friends are most welcome .
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season too.

  24. Suella Postles

    Blessing Ann,
    Your work and life is most intriguing.I love reading your blog and imagining you and New York and wonderful Brooklyn!

  25. Lovely little mice! !!! Lovely pattern, didn’t take long and I now have the first of many sweet little mice!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  26. Hallo there thank you for making this adorable pattern available. I’m going to make some for my grandson Darcy as his real mice were over breaking and had to go back to the shop. So I want to surprise him with some of these forever mice regards Rotha

  27. What cute little mice! They look fantastic. I especially love the way you’ve got one of them captaining the boat!

  28. Irene Hynes

    The little mice are so cute. I plan to make them into Christmas decorations for next Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  30. Love your tutorial. I made my granddaughters ladybugs last spring and they were not easy. I almost quit in the middle but glad I didn’t – they loved them. So now I will try the mice – and your instructions look great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  31. These are so cute! I can’t wait to try them. Do you think it would work with fleece? I have a ton of fleece and no felt at the moment, so I’m looking for things to make with fleece. Thank you!

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  33. Thanks so much for your generosity, Ann in sharing your pattern and ideas. Much appreciated.

  34. How can we possibly print up your mouse pattern without saying a massive “THANKS”!!
    … For the free bit. But even more for the cuteness, unageing and simple design of these cheeky mice.
    I live in France and a little bit of Anglo tradition warms the heart.
    You do some brilliant ‘stuff’ Ann. Well done!

  35. Daffodil Angel

    Greetings from Tasmania. Thanks Ann. Am making one this weekend – they are lovely.

  36. Thank you for the pattern and all that you do.
    I think you are a very generous person

  37. Barbara

    Those mice are very adorable. I defently goingthe make one, or two. or three…

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  39. Anita Nagtegaal

    Thanks so much for your pattern. I love the little mouse and have enjoyed making them.


  40. Thank you Ann, I so enjoyed making a little grey mouse today! She is adorable, I hope to make the rest of her family soon. My first attempt at making a soft toy and she is such a success. I adore your beautiful work.

  41. I am fairly new to sewing and I am getting lost in a specific part of the instructions. Once you get to the part where you are supposed to turn the mouse right side in and stuff…how do you finish those last 2 inches or so now that the mouse is right side in? Aren’t you going to be stitched from a different side leaving the seam to look different? Does that make sense?

    • Wow – sorry no one has answered this for you, yet. I don’t want to make this complicated, because it’s not. Wish I could draw you a diagram…

      Visualize – or even look at a seam that is already sewn. See the “wrong” side, and see the “right” side. See how the wrong side has the raw edges just a bit away from the thread stitching? Now, visualize the seam that you have to finish, but not in the normal way of stitching a seam, because you’re sewing it from the right side, rather than the wrong side.

      Basically, you want to fold both pieces of fabric that need to be sewn together, from the right (printed side, or the side that will show, rather) side of the fabric, and place them side by side, touching each other, as if there truly is a regular seam in place. Now, whip stitch, placing your needle through the fold of one side, then the other.

      I really hope this helps!

  42. I’ve given your birds to each of my special friends for birthdays….looks like this year they will get a mouse…..thanks…you bring joy to me and so many more…merry christmas

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  44. Do you think these would be safe for my cats to play with? That is the first thing I thought of when I saw these. It would be fun to make toys for them.

    • Hi Cathie – I think it’s best to make that decision on an individual cat basis.
      happy new year!


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  46. Thanks for this gorgeous pattern, just made one for my son and it turned out great!

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  49. Rachel Alderson

    Just made a little white mouse using your free pattern – my four year old adores her little mouse. I popped it in a small box with a felt cushion embroidered with a heart and a felt blanket. Thank you for sharing this pattern, it has delighted me and my little girl xxx

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  51. alexandra

    thanks for this pattern, i will use it to make 7 colored mices for the 7 days of the week in the steiner waldorf class of my daughter.
    alexandra from brussels

  52. Thank you so much for these sweet mice. Looking forward to sew and stuff them with lavender seeds.

  53. Denise Nash

    Very sweet! I have several started. Am I missing a key instruction? How do I close up the back after stuffing? I’ll go back and read through again.

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  57. Hi Ann,
    I made some little mice a few months ago, and I think they might need to meet their cousins! I am going to make some of these to go with the other little critters I am obsessed with making. I will share pictures of the “family reunion” when I get that done!
    So, so cute!!!
    PS – I got here through a link on All Free Sewing.

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  59. florence

    j’adore vos petites souris merci beaucoup
    continuez à nous faire partager vos créations

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  61. Thank you very much for the pattern. My 18 months old granddaughter loves the Hickory Dickory Dock song. We have a wall clock, she looks at the clock all the time, says TIK TOK
    Feels like she is waiting for a little mouse…
    So, decided to make a mouse and put it on the clock )))
    Waiting for her to come now and find a nice little

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  65. Absolutely delightful!! I was looking for a pattern for some cute felt animals to make for a mobile for the baby we are expecting. Just perfect. Thank you for sharing this adorable little pattern. I am a novice at making felt creations, so wondered if you have any info on the whip stitch you mention for finishing the body after stuffing. I was also wondering, could I leave this final stitching for the mouse’s tummy which will be covered by the extra material and so might conceal any rough stitching? Or is it easier to stuff from the back? Thank you! Can’t wait to start this new project 🙂

  66. Thank you for such a delightful pattern, I made a trio for my son for Christmas and had so much fun making them I’ve now made a dozen for little Christmas gifts. I’ve never felt confident with hand sewing projects but this has inspired me along with a lot of your other creations. I’m excited to create some hats, aprons and other accessories for my little army of mice.

  67. Such a beautiful little mouse pattern and so much fun to make … Thank you so much, we made a mouse each at our craft group today …. Looking forward to making the cute little boat next which I purchased yesterday 🙂

  68. Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?

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  72. Melanie K.

    Thank you so much for creating this pattern I absolutely adore it! I first used this pattern in late July and have since made eleven mice for myself, and four for others. The instructions were so clear and when I made my first mouse, Nibbles, I was worried I would mess up but I didn’t because of your extremely helpful directions. This is by far my favorite pattern ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Adorable! I have too real pet mice, so I’ll probably make two of these modeled after them!

  74. margaret conyers

    Thank you very much for your delightful pattern AND instructions. Thinking of lavender scented mice for some, as presents.

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  78. Jennifer

    I have lots of calico scraps from sewing masks, but no felt. Any reason this pattern wouldn’t work with woven cotton?

  79. i made the mouse, and it was awesome. i named him Fred. i had never seen your crafts before, but love them

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  81. Thank you, Ann, for this very good little mouse-pattern. It is fitting at the millimeter! I made two and will make more and then post photos.

  82. Sarah Goodman

    I am confused about where to put the mouses ears . I sewed the center seam and it looks by the directions that you sew the op seams first starting by the top near the nose. But then it says first to sew the seam and then add the ears. Do you have a visual tutorial I can watch bc I am not getting the sequence of this.
    Sarah Goodman

  83. Dear Anne,
    Thank you so much for sharing this! My girlfriend’s nickname is Mouse, so I made one of these for her and she loved it!

  84. barbara a brown

    I was sent here today by Kate of the last homely house (youtube) she shoed her 100 horses that she mad 10 year ago. They are so beautiful and you are so generous to still share this so many years later, I want to make these for my youngest granddaughter – then I saw the boat and knew
    I had to make that for her brother! But the mouse! I had a pattern years ago – not as cute- and I made them and put them in small chipwood baskets covered in a blanket as Christmas ornaments for all who came to visit during the holidays. It was probably 30 yrs ago – now I’ll have to make a new batch in Boats!

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