1. How beautiful, Ann! I see you have those wonderful, antique fold-into-the-window-frame louvered shutters … they were the BEST thing about my old apartment! Aside from filtering enough light in without letting the beating sun of the southern exposure cook my living room, they also made me feel like I was living in a French country house instead of a Manhattan apartment!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Just wanted to say ‘Hello’ and thank you for all the beauty and inspiration you share. Enjoy the fresh air!

  3. Is that my FAVORITE OWL ON EARTH (the one in your sidebar) next to a fabulous lamp? What a great room, Ann.

    I am in Tucson, celebrating our own spring. It’s so incredible to have all of the windows and doors open, I feel like the ice around my own feet is breaking up and melting, and my spirit is dancy with the thrill of it all.

    I’ve enjoyed checking in on your work and your site since I discovered you via a friend’s Tweet.

  4. i never realized that owl was so tiny. i thought it was larger than life…

    i love how the light is almost like a being, or a spirit, entering quietly in the form of that blue glow.

  5. Living in Australia I can’t imagine not being able to open windows for months. So pleased that you’re getting to enjoy the flow of air in your beautiful home. It all looks so interesting I long to walk about and investigate!

  6. Gorgeous room! I open a window every day, no matter how cold it is, just to let in some fresh air. This morning it was freezing so I closed it after only two minutes, but it does freshen up the whole house.

  7. Your home is delightful, a someone earlier said, it is a wonderland.
    I love your owl standing proudly upon the table.

  8. I like your fairy-land.Me and my children walk in your magic world with pleasure.We make one of your boat and paper horse.Thank you for inspiration!

  9. I love the way you are displaying your beautiful ship on a froth of fabric! Beth

  10. Jennifer Becht

    I love the photos of your work and home. Please publish more of your home, it seems like such a wonderful, beautiful place to live and work. Thank you too for the patterns and directions. I have made many of the horses and am itching to make one of the sail boats.

  11. Grey Walker

    Thank you for posting these photos of your work space. They sustain me and keep my creative spirit hopeful.

  12. I always appreciate seeing an artist’s home or workshop especially in it’s natural state (meaning not overly clean). Your home is a great case in point….always inspiring, interesting, and it looks as if another fabulous creation could be made there at any moment!

  13. ..a place to dream..
    really love all the little
    whimsical details..
    wishing you a sweet spring?

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