things to do on a rainy day


I made the ship above  as a prop for a TV commercial a couple years ago.  I assembled some boxes and parts of boxes into a shipish shape and then added all sorts of stuff – pipe cleaners, dixie cups, part of a birthday crown, wooden ice cream spoons, buttons, felt, etc. etc. The castle collage below was for an ad as well. I think they would be fun for little people to make ( with some grown up help).


Both  involve using the die cut sections of boxes for details .  I can’t resist a good piece of cardboard – I live near a fancy grocery and their recycling is full cartons and boxes with  interesting cutouts and shapes.



  1. Such beautiful projects that it doesn’t even have to be rainy to do them. My almost 7 year old is having a medieval party in a week so we will definately be having a go at one of your castles this weekend. Thank you!!!

  2. So lovely – I’m itching to play with cardboard now. Never mind little ones, this could keep me amused all day (:

  3. Do you ever go into schools or playgroups? They would love to have a visit from a professional artist who uses everyday materials.

  4. Thank you for the great ideas for my rainy weekend. You did a beautiful job on the ship. I love it.

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