traveling toadstools : a retrospective, and a special june fungi discount

* Special – all mushroom kits and patterns are 25% off in june – make an enchanted toadstool!

hand sewn mushroom

Sometimes you know. You know you have no hustle in you. You’re all hustled out.I guess the natsubate has kicked in a little early this year. And the warm months are always a simmering and percolating time for me, thinking, experimenting, and meandering explorations. I feel a strong spiritual (irresistible) directive to be exceptionally lazy for a couple days.  For me that means reading and very slow hand stitching. I’m reading about the middle ages and starting some mini toadstools to travel with me. In about a week I’m headed for France to teach and explore again.

mini hand sewn toadstools

I like having lots of little things already begun to work on in the in between times, airports etc. And I love having enchanted toadstools to plop down somewhere new for a photo. It’s the intersection I love, that fairytale, soundstage place where real meets pretend. When you travel with an enchanted toadstool in your pocket the shift in perspective is remarkable. All sorts of opportunities for magic appear. I can’t get enough of it.

hand sewn toadstools in moss

hand stitched mushrooms

All mushroom kits and patterns are 25% off through June

A couple notes on this sale – kits are in short supply. And there will be a shipping break from June 16th to July 14th. Please order print patterns etc. before the 15th of June. You can order at the sale price after that while supplies last but things won’t be shipped until July 16th.

mushroom sewing pattern and wool

PS – The first 20 mushroom print pattern orders get a wool stuffing sample – enough for two mini toadstools – in addition to the awesome sale price.

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  1. Rachel Kopel

    when I clicked on your middle ages reading it took my to what I think is the only review I ever posted on Good Reads! I really did like that book. please let me recommend The Inquisitors Tale, which, depending on your speed might be a good book for travel, although I devoured it in two long days. Bon voyage, bon chance et bon journee.

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