the other side and sri threads

It has happened – my blog has moved – I am on the other side.  I think having everything in one place is a much better and so much simpler solution and I made lots of other improvements that were overdue  like secure on-site  credit card payments in the shop, an overall better shop experience and backend-wise everything is a lot more user friendly for me.

For the first post at my new blog address one of my favorite subjects: beautiful textiles from  Sri Threads.  A box arrive a little bit ago  (they are always unannounced and unexpected)  filled with inspiring treasures gathered by Stephen Szczepanek .  I love unpacking the boxes – I make coffee, and put on music, (Johnny Cash for this box) I go very, very slowly and linger over each intriguing thing – thinking of what I might make.


sri textiles

I’m not sure what the piece above is – a  cuff I think – I love the shape and the metal closure tabs.

sri flannels

The flannel pieces above are wonderful – the textures and the colors are so striking. There are also some wonderfully textured cream and ivory pieces of heavy cotton – perfect for the pale owl and white rat I’ve been wanting to make. All this color is perfect for toadstools too.

sri mushroom

I’m making some little toadstools to take to Squam next week. We’ll be making toadstools in my botanical class and I’ll have some for sale at the Art Fair on Saturday ( at very special fair prices). I’m also bringing paper mache ships – if you’ve been thinking about trying the pattern and you’re in the neighborhhod come by and say hi and check them out.

Update: the little mushroom pattern is now available in the shop.


  1. I have been following you for a long time, loving your stories and the beauty you create in a world that is often difficult. I love your textile gifts that you receive and how much you treasure each piece. It is all so comforting. How I wish I could take a workshop from you and make some enchanting mushrooms. xo

  2. marina urbach

    I love your stories and the beautiful objects you create.
    I enjoy receiving your posts. I also follow SRI…a great source of pleasure.
    Take care, marina

  3. I only found your site very recently but love your work. As a quilter I was drawn to the way you use textiles (I love Sri’s website!) but your boats have also captured my imagination – I might have to try one. I would also like to say how generous you are in sharing tutorials on your make something page.

    • PS Should have said – I realise you charge for the pdfs but it’s nonetheless really cool to be able to access the ideas.

  4. I have no Idea, how large it is, but the blue piece could maybe be one of a pair of gaiters.(The metal closures worn on the back of the leg.) Even if it is very small it could be for a child.

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