mushroom hunting

I’ve been taking some time to wander around and pay extra attention to moss and mushrooms and other botanicals in preparation for my class at Squam this year (just a couple weeks away!).  On my last excursion I spotted all sorts of mushrooms – most of which I’ve never seen before.

red mushroom

yellow mushroom

This yellow one with a spotted cap was the biggest- the size of my hand and intensely yellow.


These little yellow and black ( and kind of creepy)  guys are tiny – less than an inch high.




I also made a little terrarium with a tiny fishbowl I found at a yard sale.

I’m looking forward to the class and the time in the forest and it also winds up a period of extreme busyness for me – I’m working on the botanical class, 2 new patterns, a special project for holiday 2015 and another for holiday 2014 among other things – all wrapping up in the next couple weeks. The last night of the Squam retreat (9/13) there’s an Art Fair – if New Hampshire is not too far for you I hope you’ll come say hi.


  1. I’ve been a mushroom hunter since I was a little girl. Growing up in Woodhaven I learned to pick with my family in Forest Park, Queens. Let me suggest it as a great place for rambling, especially the woods east of Woodhaven Blvd. in the Richmond Hill half of the park. It’s a wonderful woods with lots of very old trees.

    I look forward to seeing how your latest mushroom observations inspire you.


  2. Sally Stanley

    Amazing little things! Love the little terrarium.

  3. Love these mushroom photos. There is something about mushrooms that is whimsical. And I love everything you create, Ann. I am sure you will create something so lovely with these as inspiration!

  4. Hazel Vicary

    Gorgeous mushrooms – I adore fungus of any sort and these are wonderful – particularly those odd little black ones, never seen anything like that before. I am quite jealous of your little fishbowl – I have never come across one that small – it must have been a very tiny fish…

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