the odin

The odin is a present for a good friend.  I’m working on some new ships and boats- progress photos soon.


  1. Oh Ann this is stunning. I love gallions, will you be making some for your shop?

  2. Oh, I love the ship, lovely creation again Ann!!

  3. I love it! Just simply love it!!
    It looks like it would carry you away to never never land.

  4. My god woman. These ships leave me breathless and speechless…I…I neeeed one.

  5. where do you find those cute little (or not SOOO little, i suppose) masts?
    <3 i adore them. i love the knob on the top.

  6. hola ann!!!l´m from buenos aires,and l think that your things are so so so lovely!!!!! specially your boats!!!l love them !!your art inspire me very very much!!can l put your blog in my blog??
    hasta siempre!!!!!alejandra

  7. are you still working on a ship pattern? i hope so! i have old ship captains in my blood, wouldn’t it have been fun to sail in a real one?

  8. Totally Magical, stuff of dreams. What do you use as a framework to put the paper on?

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