the intersection of real and pretend and make a little felt bunny

birds of adventure

Interesting things happen at the intersection of real and pretend. There is a shift, scale becomes playful and there is instant magic, instant enchantment. Nothing is certain and anything is possible.

handmade bird with an acorn beret

little bird sewing pattern


That intersection is always on my mind when I’m making something, especially the little birds. I love to photograph them in the park or a forest.  It is still one of my favorite things to do.

Get the little bird sewing pattern.



enchanted path in the forest

The forest casts its own spell, offers its mystery and magic.  And the camera adds to it, it drops a glass dome over the moment and crystallizes the atmosphere.

a wedding party of little birds in the forest

It creates a world where if you just look a little closer, a little sharper, you might catch a glimpse of little birds exploring or tiny bunnies in joyful procession. Maybe they’ve been there all along and you just never noticed before.

handmade felt bunnies

About those bunnies…

ann wood : very nice mice pattern


My sister made them from the very nice mice pattern (just add long ears) a couple years ago and took the photo. I love their expressions.

And it’s bunny season and almost spring, make some bunnies and take a photo! I’d love to see. Use #annwoodpattern on instagram.

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  1. Wonderful images of spring, and the intersection of real and pretend. What a spot on way to describe it!



  2. those rabbits are beautiful – must try!!

    Best, Claire x

  3. Every time I make one of your patterns, I feel the magic and am transported to a place outside of myself. It is a wonderful escape!!

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  5. Irene Gaßner

    Hi Ann! I really love your little birds and how they look when they are visiting the woods. If you’d like to see knitted birds in the woods, feel free to visit my account @knittedbirdsontheway
    Best wishes, Irene

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