the fourth annual international scrap festival – 10 ideas for your fabric scraps

small fabric projects on a table - made from scraps of cotton and linen and text in the center -scrap festival 2022

Welcome to the fourth annual scrap festival! That magical time of year when we celebrate scraps a little extra. I’ve scoured the interwebs for some awesome tutorials  and created a new fabric book DIY that’s perfect for scraps.

book made form cotton and linen fabric scraps rest on a worn blue table with sewing notions and a pile of scraps

It’s also perfect for the 100 day project if you feel like trying that. Fun and very manageable – you could do 15 minutes a day.  I’m participating using the book as my project. My daily progress post will be in the @annwood instagram stories and on a page here too. If you’d like to sew along with me use #annwoodstitchbook and #annwoodpattern on instagram.  You don’t have to commit to the hundred days to sew along but If you would like to more details are here.

Find the full tutorial for making the book here.

For now let’s talk about how to get started on a couple pages:

*Download the template and cut 2 rectangles – these will be 2 pages.

template and two fabric rectangles - each 7 X 5.5 one is borwn one is black

Ignore the other marks on the pattern for now – just cut the rectangles. I’m using cotton and linen for the pages – the brown is from a worn out duvet and the black was a little jacket.

Stitch whatever you like on your rectangles, embroidery, collage, mess around, try stuff, meander. Leave about 1/2 inch margin all around the edge to make book assembly easy. Need some inspiration? You might find this post helpful. I test drove the 15 minutes a day idea and this is what I came up with.

fabric rectangle with 15 minutes of experimental stitching and patching

I used a timer and everything. It was a focused 15 minutes and felt good. The time limit eliminates paralysis and overthinking and invites happenstance. I love the idea of each day building on the previous.

For the one hundred day project my suggestion is 15 minutes per day. The book has 20 pages including the front and back covers so each page is stitched for 5 days, 15 minutes per day. So do-able! Over achievers feel free to do more. As I’m stitching and sharing I’ll include some simple prompts and suggestions in case you’re feeling stuck.

Why do it? It’s a little window of time to listen to yourself, try stuff, make marks, experiment. A place for ideas to turn up. And a perfect place to celebrate your most precious scraps!

book made form cotton and linen fabric scraps rest on a worn blue table with sewing notions and a pile of scraps

You don’t have to do the 100 days to sew along but if you are, start stitching on Sunday 2/13- 15 minutes per day. After 5 days, move on to the second page. Meet me back here on February 23rd for the full book tutorial (you’re gonna love it, super easy to make and the binding is clever).

I hope you make stitch books! Don’t forget to use #annwoodstitchbook and #annwoodpattern  on instagram. And if you’re doing the hundred days also use #The100DayProject

UPDATE 2/13 – find day 1 here!

9 more scrap projects!

tiny pouch mad from scraps

1.  A sweet bucket pouch from honeyfolkclothing.  The pfd is free through the end of this month only and you can find it here. And checkout @honeyfolkclothing (heidi) on on iinstagram for lots of inspiration. She is a scrap hero!

2. string quilt – Lots and lots of skinny fabric strips stitched together and can be arranged in intriguing ways. Simple, meditative and built for scraps. Find the tutorial here.

3. Something for little folks by sewmariana –  a fabric memory game – find the tutorial for the game squares here.

4, And use your bigger scraps or pieced scraps (like hexies or the afore mentioned string piecing) to make a sweet fabric container to keep them in with this DIY.

There are tons of scrap friendly projects in the free pattern library here – a couple favorites are:

small stuffed cats in two sizes - sewing diy

5. happy cats

bunny doll in dancing pose with lace collar held in hand - other bunnies in background

6.  and the newest – dancing hares

7. Improv with X. I love the idea of experimenting with a simple shape.  Checkout the X quilt improv blocks here.  And tons more inspiration from shecanquilt on Flickr here.

little pyramid shaped charms made form scraps on a white table

8. Something for your littlest scraps, These charms are super sweet. I love how mini they are and  they could be stuffed with lemon verbena or lavender. Such a sweet little gift. Find the tutorial here.

9. Sweet for spring  – carrot treat bags to sew – plus find fabric eggs and  more spring ideas here.

A couple bonus ideas from the blog

Long pin cushions are a perfect scrap project and super handy to have. And imperial cats are great to experiment with.

Do you have a favorite scrap project? Will you join me in sewing a fabric book? Let us know in the comments and happy scrap festival 2022!


  1. Ann, I would love to participate this year. My life is finally settling down enough that I can renew my stitching passion. Woohoo!
    I am totally going to make your book, and really love the 15 minute idea.
    Thank you as always for your fantabulous ideas and incredible generous heart ♡

    • I’m glad to hear it Sarita! I hope you have fun with the book – and I agree the 15 minute thing helps a lot!

  2. I’m excited . I have scraps galore. I hope to make use of my favorites. Thank you for the inspiration and always generous information, Ann.

  3. My heart is racing, the book is perfect for collecting creativity. The woven plaid page spoke to me! Just what I need to inspire me, distract me, challenge me!

  4. I’m already creating a stitchery book for this year as I’m taking part in @roxycreationsbyrachel stitchery challenge, with mine lasting for the whole year. I’ll also be using it for my 100 day project for this year. Scraps will be heavily involved. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your book.

  5. Hi Ann…this looks so fun and I will definitely join. Love the fabric book idea, similar to the fabric needle book from awhile ago which I made and love. Will you be doing a scrap exchange again? I participated in your fabric scrap exchange twice and loved it. Hope you will do another. Thanks Ann for sharing your creative spirit!

    • Hi Gayle,
      Thanks so much! Sorry no swap this year – maybe next year!

    • I was so looking forward to the scrap exchange again! I have been collecting them for months!

  6. Jeanne Wright

    Yes, my daughter and I would love to participate. Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  7. dorylyn thomas

    YES! I am back for the scrap festival 2022!! It is so much fun. Sign me up, Ann!

  8. Hi Ann! Thanks so much for this wonderful invitation/idea (and for all your many others). I do not use social media, but I am planning to participate and make a little book following your prompts. Making little books is one of my favorite things to do, and sewing little things is another one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to combining them in this project!

  9. Traci Hallford

    The cute little tetra charms , are also accompanied by some sweet little sarabobo dolls on the same site. Great for scraps x Thanks for the tips Ann xx

  10. I love this project, but then I love most of your projects. My problem, I love my scrapes and hate to make anything with that requires cutting them. I’m just going to have to be brave and part with some of them. It may be my fear of failure that slows me to a stop.

  11. Brenda Simoneau

    Hi Ann
    I will be joining you in sewing the 100 day project fabric book. It’s a wonderful idea! I don’t belong to instagram, but I will follow you on this website. I’m looking forward to February 13th!
    Take care.

  12. Terry Wilson

    I finally got to participate in the scrap festival last year and it was so wonderful to trade with another maker! I am looking forward to doing it again this year!!!! I hope to make the list!!!

    • Hi Terry – I’m so glad you had fun with it! I won’t be hosting a swap this year though – it takes a massive amount of time I don’t have at the moment.

  13. Ruth Hoefert

    I appreciate the time frame idea. I want to use the 100 days to get my crafting going again. I have had a “hiccup” this year. We were helping our daughter move following a divorce and I let things slide. I have several things that won’t take long to finish, and the one I enjoy the most is decoupage. The fifteen minutes will be helpful to get it going again. I have a stitching project that is years overdue, I plan to at least complete the portion I was on. I have finishing touches to do on one of your teacups!

  14. Sharon Broderick

    I’m SO ready for the swap and the 100 days! Can we get info without using instagram?
    I am not a fan of that site so I rarely use it. (I know – gasp!).
    I love your posts!

  15. I make pincushion, they only require a scrap 4×4, I put an inch border,, stuff it use a vintage button in the middle, they make nice gifts and use up your scraps, I am going to attempt the 100 day project, but I am not a fan of Instragram either, but either way it will be fun and Lord knows I have plenty of scraps, love receiving your emails, you are so creative and unique
    Mary P

  16. Joanne Maioli

    Dearest Ann. I have been following you on Youtube for about 3 years now, and I am always so inspired by your talents . I am in the US (Las Vegas, Nevada) and I have discovered that you ladies out there in the UK completely ROCK the hand stitching world. Your taste is impeccable. Having all those vintage fabrics and linen buttons is awesome. We don’t have much of that near me. Thank you so very very much for generously sharing your knowledge with us. I have yet to complete any of the projects, but they will be very soon. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. With love and gratitude, Joanne

  17. Carol McElroy

    Love love love these ideas. One of my favorite things is collecting and using scraps. Sometimes they speak to you when you’re looking for just the right one. Looking forward to starting the book Sunday. Anne, you are so inspiring!

  18. I will attempt this, and I guess that’s at least 1/2 the battle! I’ve made 4 of your great pincushions for gifts and 1 for myself. They were fun to make and an easy carry around project. I used walnut shells for stuffing and they turned out perfectly.
    I, too, really like the 15 minute idea. In theory at least it sounds doable. I appreciate your generous sharing of very creative ideas and your imaginative artistry. Thank you!

  19. Megan Stephenson

    Thank you once more for your inspiring newsletter. Had spread some scraps out yesterday and made small scented hearts( for coathangers) for my friends for valentines day. Your message was fortuitous as there are leftover scraps still waiting for more inspiration. My fingers are twitching.

  20. Marjorie Footitt

    Thank you Ann for all the inspiration. Last year, having a broken down sewing machine and unable to get it fixed, I made Dastardly Owl. Mine is called Captain Beaky and it was quite a challenge with the fabrics I chose. You always get my creative juices flowing and I spotted a label amongst your scrap projects. Those will be my project to stock up on ready to go on gifts. I may do the scrap book challenge but in my own time as, like most of “ us”…..I have lots on the go.
    Sending lots of support for your little grey cells connecting to your nimble fingers.

  21. Wendy Hagman

    I would love to participate again in the scrap swap. I have so many ideas to use scraps and love your ideas.

  22. I was hoping there would be a scrap swap since I missed the last one!!! Boo hoo!!!

  23. Oh Ann — thank you for the beautiful photos and inspiration. I definitely want to try the fabric book BUT I don’t have a sewing machine. Will I be able to bind it together by hand sewing? Please let me know before I start. Thanks so much……

    • Hi Pam, The binding requires no stitching. The pages are sewn together – front and back – and that could be sewn by hand or machine.

  24. i’d been waiting till the perfect moment to open your latest newsletter and am so inspired to get back to my sewing area! thank you for sharing so much goodness and creativity!!

  25. Patt Weimer

    I send 75% of my scrape to best friend in Florida. She is a scrap quilt QUEEN. No exaggeration! What she doesn’t want is taken to her guild meetings. The ladies are very aggressive about who gets what!!! I also have a policy that any leaftovers from a project larger than half yard, must be considered for a “throw” size quilt, perhaps combimed with some other fabrics. My “stash” is i only about 20 or so “unassigned ” fabrics, at any time. I also have 69 ( at present), ‘kits’ I’ve created with fabric/pattern backing at times. I think I’m OCD when it comes to my quilting & rug hooking activities. I’m 77 this yr & keep busy every day.

  26. Ann, can’t wait to start my 100 days. I am using the book format and drawing with thread.

    Hey those dancing hares need tutus, If they aren’t wearing striped dance pants.

    Scraps, love ‘em, use them: sakiori weaving, paper mache, pin cushions, everything Ann Wood and greeting cards, iron on hexagons, mending. I recently took some string and zig zagged over tiny scraps. I made mouse house bunting. Oh yeah, quilts too. Thanks for hundreds of great ideas to go with my hundred days.

  27. Annie Claridge

    Thankyou from across the seas, Australia, in our beautiful national Capital, Canberra. I’m joining your 15 minutes for 100 days because I need to slow down and focus less on the race to finish a project. I keep setting deadlines for my projects and it robs the joy out of stitching. I handstitch or knit every evening so 15 minutes without expectations will be an experiment. I will pick up a project after the gentle 15 if I want more.
    Cheers Annie

  28. Thank you Ann for such a great idea – I will join you on the fabric book for 100 days . I live near Cowbridge in Wales, UK!

  29. What a wonderful project! I will definitily join you sewing a fabric book and using my huge collection of scraps. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!

  30. Deb Woodings

    Yes, I’m going to do the 100 day project. Since I’ve said the words in front of other people that gives me motivation, right? No procrastination! …looking around to see who noticed…intention set. Let’s do this thing! ; )

  31. I’M PARTICIPATING! Already cut the fabric for the pages. Hope this helps me to “start”. Have so many things I love and want to make, that it never comes to actualy creating. I’m Already am enthousiastic! Love to see what everybody is making.

  32. Jody Bishel

    Excellent timing! I was just thinking about doing a slow stitched book. I’ll probably make my pages 8″ x !0″, though.

  33. Karin Robinson

    I’m in for the fabric book. What a great project! Thanks, Ann!

  34. So many good ideas! I’m already working on a fabric book that I started in January, but I think that a little each day sounds like a lovely idea. I need to get going on my own book too!

  35. Judith Rasson

    What a timely post! I already make flip books for children with visual impairments out of scraps of different textures and colors. Now I want to make a book with pages of a single fabric or color facing a page with different swatches and the task is to match the single page to one of the swatches.

  36. I only get one page on the download, and it’s the rectangle. I’m guessing the other page might be the order in which the pages go together shown on the video. But mine only shows up as one page and not two. I searched everything I can click on to get the other page, and can’t find anything. PLEASE HELP ME.
    Thanks Judy

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