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He’s about 9 inches tall and 11 inches from top of head to tip of tail. The pattern has everything you need to make an awesome crow: learn to sew the sculptural shape of his body, carve a beak from a twig, make wire talons and create shimmery layer of feathers.

crow made from black textiles

I used calico for the example crow in the pattern. I like the combination of a sweet traditional print with more realistic details,  sort of celebrating the make believe. The other fabrics, for his feathers, are scraps of garments in different shades of black.

The sheen also varies. Incorporating fabrics that are flat and shiny and satin in the feathers emphasizes the layers. It makes a huge difference and gives crow -ish iridescence and depth.
Thrifted and antique garments are a great source of material for crows. I’ve always loved using really old garments for details. Pleats are particularly useful – you can incorporate them into the feathers for extra interest and dimension. And antique clothes often have mends and other stitch details that add character. The downside of very old garments is they are often fragile but fragile works for feathers since they aren’t part of the structural sewing.

Perhaps my most frequently asked question over the years has been “where do you find antique clothes to work with.” One of my best sources for Edwardian and Victorian clothes is Ebay. In the pattern I share a specific link (resources page) that’s helpful. I look for damaged garments – perfect for cutting up and not too expensive. And I check often – finding great stuff requires persistence.

In the not super old department thrifted suits are great – there’s tons of fabric and the weight and colors are good. Pin stripes would be awesome for a crow.

I took him down to the Henry Whitfield Stone House Museum for his beauty shots. It was the perfect environment.

get the pattern

I hope you make crows!! If you do you can share images on instagram  – please use :  #annwoodpattern or email photos to me at info at ann wood handmade dot com


  1. Marilee Hird

    Thank you so much for finishing the pattern. I’ve been wanting her for a long time.

  2. Karen @ Aberdeenshire Scotland

    Fantastic. I have been watching out for this beauty to arrive.
    Many thanks.

  3. Susan Turner

    Thank you, I am just in love with it!! Can’t wait to get started, these will be gifts for the family!

  4. Yippee!!!!! Bought it as soon as I got your email. I have a friend who’s company logo has 3 crows on it, so I‘ve got my work cut out for me. He’s a fabric designer, and I’ll be working in small pieces of his fabric. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this much-anticipated pattern!!!

    • Thanks Renee! A group will be fantastic. And they are good to do in batches. I’d love to see your finished crows!

  5. This just may be the challenge I need. My boys’ bedrooms are in the attic top of our house which we affectionately call “the crow’s nest.” He would be perfect on a perch at the top of the stairs. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration.

  6. Jenny DeArmond

    We have a murder of crows here who have trained me to respond to their caws. They perch on a tree limb outside of the sun porch and let me know they are waiting, and I then deliver them peanuts.
    I’ve been looking forward to this pattern so I can create a grouping of crows for the indoors too.
    Thank you so much!

    • Oh my goodness. I love that A- they have trained you, and B you acknowledge this. I want to make friends with the local crows – there are tons here. I’m getting peanuts today. Thank you!

  7. Linda Kosfeld

    Thank you for my “spirit animal” crow pattern! I just downloaded and read the pattern. The instructions and pictures are excellent, and I know I can do this!

  8. Karen Geraghty

    I’m so excited to start this pattern. I’ve always been fascinated by corvids, and my curmudgeonly owl desperately needs company. Thanks so much!

  9. Phyllis Bradley

    I saw Brother Crow, just a glimpse as I scrolled on Pinterest, and immediately recognized it as your work. Like Knopfler, Dylan, A. Adams, your style and voice are unmistakable. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  10. Coincidentally, we were by the Stone House today. I was taking photos down by the water, the spaceship house and finally the Stone house. I recognized it before reading what you wrote. Perfect for the crow photo shoot. Just looks like he belongs there! He is a beauty– as are all your birds!

  11. Deanna Apfel

    Do you think if I enlarged the pattern this could be a raven? One of my favorite birds and there are many here in Northern California, crows less so.


    • Hi Deanna – sure – you could enlarge and change the beak and tail a little for a raven. I think you could adapt this basic bird shape for other larger birds too.

  12. Sandy Pennell

    Thankyou for the crow pattern Ann. I’m in the process of making him for my friends birthday. Am experimenting with different fabrics and have made his body in black velvet. Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll do your design justice! x

  13. Sue HugginsGeering

    Hi I really want to have a go making this crow however I’m in the United Kingdom & can’t get past leaving my details.
    I can pay by PayPal
    Please advise. Thanks

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