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I’ve made an astounding number of flamingos in the past few weeks. I make flamingos in my dreams. There are tiny bits of pink paper everywhere. I do some of my best thinking while I’m making them and my note book is always right next to me.

flamingo pairs

While I was making this last batch I accidentally designed a new cake topper. I’ve been rolling around the idea of crepe paper birds for a couple years but couldn’t quite get the shape I wanted, failed a bizillion times- I am particular. While I was making the flamingo armatures I stumbled upon the solution – I wasn’t even thing about it, the idea just appeared, a eureka moment, I hardly ever have those. Once I had an armature shape that was right and reproducible I knew what to do with the rest and a few hours later I had birds – here is a sneak peek at mr. and mrs. chickadee.

mr. and mrs. chickadee

mrs. chickadee

mr. chickadee

I’m still working out details – supplies, production testing, packaging etc. and I  haven’t made up my mind about bases. I like the idea of them going directly into the cake  – like the flamingos, keeping it super simple but I’m not sure – what do you think- a little base or no?


  1. Oh I think a base would be great because who ever buys them, will for sure want to have them on display in their home after the wedding. Then they’ll be “shelf ready”. My two cents. Bravo on them!!!

  2. Marilee R.

    I like the idea of them going into the cake, but agree that the people will want to display them after the wedding so why not create a mini cake for them to stand on after the reception?

    • Thanks Marilee- I’m thinking of doing something along those lines.

  3. Sheree B.

    A base is important to display after the event. There are ways to probably creatively display them afterwards, but how many people will do that without a base. Don’t want those wonderful cake toppers relegated to a drawer, cabinet or closet.

    • I think you’re right Sheree – they might end up in a drawer.

  4. A base for display is a great idea for afterwards. What about longer legs, similar to the flamingos, so the bird bodies and tails don’t drag in the icing and pick up oils?

    Ann, I don’t know if you ever received the note I sent about your role in an inspired retirement cake. If you are interested you can see the cake here

    • Hi Susan – thanks so much for sharing that! I had not seen it and would be sad to have missed it – magnificent!! So imaginative.

  5. Janet Chalmers

    A base. If I’m not mistaken, the crepe paper runs and you wouldn’t want a pink puddle around the flamingos or a black spot under that adorable chickadee. Maybe putting some paper on some icing will make the decision for you.

    The are so cute.

  6. Hi Ann,
    I love the little crape paper toppers, good one… or 100.
    I like Marilee’s idea of the little cake base for afterwords. Great idea.


    • Thanks so much Kim and yes – I think Marilee is right too.

  7. I was totally in the “don’t bother with a base” camp until I saw all the wise comments above. The birds are darling, and strike a lovely balance between “cute” and “elegant”.

    • Thanks so much Keet – that’s the zone I am shooting for!

  8. I think your work is exquisite, but I also think that these toppers need a base, so they can be adored after the event. I agree that longer legs would make them more elegant. They are beautiful!

  9. Thanks so much for the feedback everybody- it helps! Especially when I’m stuck on a point. I think I’m going to make something they fit into – a simple little base that they can stand in or maybe come out of if you want to put them right in the cake and I’m making the legs a bit longer. Just ordered supplies to experiment with – thanks again!

  10. Why not do both? I think it’s neater and more practical to have the legs go directly into the cake. Include a base w/ matching holes for the bird legs to “sit” into—best of both worlds!

  11. Ina Good

    I’m in FloridaI love your flamingos!!!!

  12. Doreen Marlor

    Love the flamingos!! Do you have a pattern for them? Hope so. Thanks.

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