sketchbook : week 3

Week 3 in my yearlong sketchbook practice. I’m so glad I started this – I look forward to the little part of my day devoted to making marks on paper. All sorts of things creep in – they feel like little adventures and it feels good to be spontaneous and truly experiment – to respond and let things occur to me, especially in a week where everything else I’m doing is small and precise.  And a note on the 3/1 sketch – the quote is from an essay by Poet Charlotte Mew:

“The real things are happening in the forest still.”

sketchbook - week 3


  1. Wow! This is still warm, it’s so fresh:) I was reading your about page and looking at your great ships and when I came back…there it was! Love all of the blogs that I read with new commitments to paint, or sketch or….It’s so good challenge ourselves to stretch and build our art muscles ! I’ll enjoy watching!

  2. Merrie Dyszelski

    Is that a horse in upper right picture? So cute.

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