the 2023 international scrap festival : 8 ideas for your scraps

Welcome to the fifth annual international scrap festival! Each year as the days begin to get a little longer and spring seems like a legitimate possibility we take some time to reflect on the magnificent possibilities of fabric scraps.

You can find patterns and tutorials for everything in the photo above (plus lots more) on the free pattern page.

litttle chicks made form cotton scraps - they are about 3 inches across and have simple features.

Plus a brand new free pattern – Scrap project idea #1 little chicks! I love them. They just kill me. Let’s make thousands. Find the tutorial right here.

stacks of cotton print scraps arranged by color

more ideas for your fabric scraps

2. This festive scrap bunting was another new free tutorial here this summer –  made with mini yoyo’s – find the tutorial here.

3. Also in the celebration/decoration department this super simple way to make a festive curtain or wall hanging sort of situation. The attachment method is simple and clever. 11 year old me wants this a lot.

patchwork sewing machine cover with ties on the ends and lots of pockets

4. For your bigger scraps this super clever sewing mat machine cover combo. I need a couple of these. My machines are old and don’t have covers. Machines don’t like dust.

5. Find inspiration and tips for managing your scraps here. I especially love the idea of cutting down all the weird shapes. I could spend hours ironing and trimming.

a simple quilt block made from triangles and squares

6. And turn them into a quilt with this Antique Four Patch Economy Block Tutorial. I love the way it looks. I’m doing it.

7. Bendable cake flags. So sweet and they would also be great on paper mache ships and cardboard castles.  I’m definitely making them for  some very nice mice.

hand stitched merit badges diy

8. Merit badges.  everybody appreciates a little acknowledgment! I love this idea for big folks and little folks. I’m thinking we should have a merit badge contest in the community, what do you think?  Find the tutorial for the badges here.

Stay tuned for more scrap festival news this month! And share your ideas, have you got a favorite project? What’s you preferred storage method? (mine is messy but sorted by color, pretty much).  Let us know in the comments or join the ann wood handmade community.


  1. Leah Wolfe

    OMG! Those chicks kill me too!!! Thank you for these wonderful scrappy ideas!!!

  2. Everything is so darn CUTE and I want to make it ALL!! I love all that you do and say a big THANK YOU for all the free patterns! You are so wonderfully generous and not at all a stingy greedy person…thank you very much!! Many blessings to you for your generosity and giving!!

  3. Hi Ann, I could not get to Have&Hold or Uschi&Kay’s websites from the links. I wonder if I’m the only one having the problem.

  4. So many beautiful scraps and so many fun ideas! Can I just play with scraps for the rest of my days? Please?
    Thank you for the awsome and darling chicks pattern. Must make many!

  5. Sonya Palumbo

    I’m having fun going through my scraps for the 100 day book challenge. So this festival sounded perfect. May I ask a silly question? Is this on line, or do people meet up somewhere with things they’ve made? Thanks…~Sonya Palumbo

  6. Jane Milauskas

    Love all the fun ideas w scraps!
    I organize my fabric by color in bins. And I sort scraps into small, medium and large. ;-0

  7. Jane Milauskas

    Made the scrappy tree ornaments as little extra gifts in my handmade holiday cards this year!

  8. Thank you for sharing the yoyo bunting tutorial. So addictive. I stitched 100 scraps into yoyos for our new grandchild. Gorgeous and satisfying. Many thanks.

  9. i second the motion for a merit badge contest! i’ve had a minor obsession with them since i was an actual girl scout, but have never made them as an adult so an incentive would be fun!

  10. Wonderful! Thank you. Do you know what makes the little flags bendable? The link has a photo but is missing the tutorial for me. Thanks for any help.

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