Thanks Marianne!

This is the first of several thank you posts for all the great stuff that has come in the mail the last week. Marianne sent this wonderful package.

3birdstring.jpg She included this felt bird string as a surprise and I love it. It’s adorable and beautifully made with
lots of interesting details. Each little bird is meticulously embroidered with a unique patten on one side and a little wing on the other. It’s hanging on the deep burgundy shutters in my apartment looking as if it was custom made for that very purpose. And the buttons!3applebuttons.jpg Little individually wrapped packages of fantastic buttons. One of the green buttons is featured on todays horse. I had a too busy (still catching up on email) and kind of lousy week and Marianne’s package arrived on one of the most miserable days. Beautiful buttons and gorgeous handmade birds were just what I needed. Thanks Marianne!


  1. I am so pleased that the birds “fit” you and your home and thrilled to think that one of buttons has become part of those beautiful horses….how amazing to think that those buttons were found at a small market stall on the NSW coast and are now in New York! They all came originally from haberdashery stores in rural Australia that have closed down, according to the stall owner….the stories they would tell if only they could!

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