fancy birds

These are a couple of fancy, tattered and tragic Miss Havisham sorts of birds. They are made out of the incredibly fragile scraps of an amazing victorian dress. The bird in profile was one of my very first birds and her sister was made last night. I’ve been picking up scraps and lace and too far gone victorian and edwardian clothes on ebay lately and plan on making more fancy birds. I’m trying to decide between these three photos for a little postcard. I used OvernightPrints for the first time last Christmas and was very happy with what they did, happier than with things from more expensive printers. If anybody has another great postcard/ printing source I’d love to know about it.




  1. as usual, these are wonderful! did you use a light box to photograph them? however you did it, you did it well!

  2. Gorgeous little bird! So fragile and elegant. I love the top photo the best, but they are all great.

  3. Your description of them is exactly right. Miss Haversham indeed! They are charming.

  4. Miss Haversham! What a great description! They are gorgeous! I love repurposing the materials from old clothes. I’m a sucker for things with a past.

  5. Your birds have an animated character that’s really amazing. I like the first photo best. She’s looking right at you and seems very alive. I see why the other photos are in the running, they show such great detail of her train and plume. Tough decision.

  6. Oh that is absolutely darling!!! Are you ever going to sell any??

    Found your blog through the little birds blog. :O)

  7. Oh, my goodness gracious me! So stunningly fancy birds! I love the miss haversham birds! Would you like to trade – a bird for some vintage kimono silks? I am just so taken by your birds – their personality and seeming strut.

  8. omgoodness!

    this is incredible!
    i haven’t been reading your blog for long, but came across this and knew the instant i saw it that it was in reference to Charles Dickens’ book Great Expectations.

    i’ve always loved miss haversham’s character and thought someday of doing something along the lines of bringing it to life, but you’ve done it so beautifully!

    gorgeous. simply gorgeous!

  9. Dear Ann, I was so happy to see these older versions of your work. I’ve always loved birds, even wrote a little book about a One Legged Sparrow. And once I saw your birds, I have been busy making every attempt to develop one of my own… This older version, gives me hope…that the beauties you now make , did have humble beginnings… love your work, and thanks so much for the inspiration.. Sincerely, ED

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