sponginess and some irregularity

These are the two of the  qualities I wanted my mushrooms to have – a sense of sponginess and sometimes a little oddness in the shapes.


I also  very much wanted a concave underside for the cap – that has been the biggest struggle in creating the patterns and process . I didn’t want to make something realistic or botanical, not this time anyway,  but I did want a great deal of mushroom-ness. Mushroom strangeness. Also contributing to  mushroom-ness, I hope,  are  the curvy stems and tilted caps – impossible balance but for  stem bottoms weighted with glass bead fill thanks to a tip from abby glassenberg.

glass fill

It’s marvelous stuff. It is also magical stuff- pretty and sparkly and there is some delight and ceremony  in taking out the wooden  box I keep it in and spooning a bit into the stem.

There are new Fortuny toad stools too- I’ll show you those and more new things from that collection tomorrow.


  1. beautiful. you perfectly captured the form of the boletes i look for in summer… especially the curve under the cap. really cool!

  2. Absolutely love them! Especially glad that you were able to accomplish the curve under the cap, since it sure makes them look so shroomy. Great job and I know they will sell real well for you.

  3. I use crushed recycled rubber, it has a nice weight unfortunately I can only get it from the Netherlands.

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