fortuny collection

I’ve made lots more Fortuny things including these toadstools.

fortuny toadstools

And  a couple others:


A  gentleman sailor owl braving a perilous sea all alone

fortuny owl

A dastardly owl

rose fortuny songbird

A rose colored and gold songbird

fortuny red bird

And a red and blue songbird

(these and others are  available  at the Fortuny showroom  in Manhattan)


  1. absolutely adore the detail on the base of the beak of those songbirds, that raw edge somehow makes it for me. and i think someday i just might have to attempt a copycat mushroom, i have just the velvet for the cap underside… (and i’m a bit batty over fungi in general.)

    just realized i still haven’t unwrapped the bird i ordered about four years ago. i’ve been saving it for a birthday, x-mas, rainy day etc… have moved, lived abroad and so on, and now it has been so long it almost feels wrong to open the box!

  2. Your mushrooms are pure magic, Anne. What a good tip about the glass to give them balance. I always enjoy your owls but that dastardly chap is very special.

  3. Peter westcott

    I would love to stock some of your things in my Homestore – which is opening on the spring. Please let me know how to go about it. PW

  4. Ils sont vraiment ces Oiseaux et ces Champignons,l’oiseau chanteur en particulier à ma préférence, est ce que vous les vendez?
    bonne et heureuse année 2013. Cdt

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